Monday, November 5, 2007


Do you know okonomiyaki? Some people call it “Japanese pizza” but I don’t think it can call that way. For okonomiyaki, you mix everything in a bowl and fried it on a pan, then brush it with okonomiyaki sauce, some mayonnaise and sprinkle with katsuo. Mostly inside the okonomiyaki the egg is still running a little bit and it’s delicious, you can cook it through but the outside will get a little tougher (and the egg flavor will be less). Okonomiyaki is easy and fun party food if you have an electronic pan. Inviting some friends, they can make their own style and flavor, you just prepare the base mixture and other ingredients; let them add anything they like, fish, vegetable or sea food. For me, I like it with cabbage and bacon, a common combination that tastes so good.


Base mixture:

For 1 person

Egg 2

Hondashi ¼ tsp

Sugar ½ tbsp

Plain flour 3 tbsp

My combination:

Bacon or pancetta (chop) 3 rashers

Cabbage (thinly slice) 2 C

Egg 1


Okonomiyaki sauce (you can use tonkatsu sauce if it what you have.)



Heat the pan to medium heat; whisk all the base mixture until blend. Add the bacon and the cabbage pour in to the pan, cook for 2 minutes and flap. When it almost done crack the egg and pour it on top of the okonomiyaki, flap again then wait for 1 minute to let the egg cook. After the okonomiyaki is done take it out and brush with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise then sprinkle with katsuo. Enjoy it while it’s still hot.

And just in case that you don’t cook Japanese food often, I add the picture so you can shop without confusion.

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