Saturday, November 10, 2007

Japanese Cookbooks

I have a lot of Japanese cookbooks; at first I like the small portion of the recipes. Most of them will be enough for 4 persons or less (some recipes are just for 1 person). Cakes, cookies and breads are come in the small quantity too, because I like to try something new, making them just enough for tasting is great, (my family can finish them in one day, no left over, hooray).

They’re good in other dimensions too; there are a lot of instruction pictures (most of the baking books have pictures from start to finish, very good for the beginner.). The books are cute and filled with a lot of inspirations.

The recipes from the books are weight measurement, it will be uncomfortable for some people but I hope that you can get electronic scale (that will make your measurement be more accurate and your baking goods be more controllable), so you can enjoy trying all the recipes with me.


  1. Hi, I am interested in making japanese sweets/bread/pastry, which japanese books would you recommend?
    thank you



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