Saturday, November 17, 2007

Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook by Martha Stewart

I have only one cookbook from Martha Stewart even I subscribed to her magazine Martha Stewart’s living I don’t buy her other cookbooks, not that they are bad but I don’t want them. But for this book, I really love it.

The book starts with the picture of the equipment and techniques that one’s need to know to start baking (ok, it’s not all but I think it’s enough for the beginner). The recipes in the book are beginning from the easiest like simple baked goods, then follow by cookies, cakes, pies tarts, cobblers and crisps, yeasted baked goods and pastry. (And if you want to make a wedding cake the book has recipe too).

What I like most from this book is pictures. The photographs of the finished products are not all perfect, look really like something that we make at home. It makes me feel comfortable to see that baking at home is easy, even they don’t look like store bought product they’re still good. I believe that home baking is good to your health too, so pick some recipes and start baking, you will love them even when they don’t look perfect.

Picture from: Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook

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