Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home Bakery

This is the word that Japanese people use to call bread machine, and by their way of using it can be their own bakery. They make many kind of bread by use it to knead the dough and bake or just knead. For me I like my home bakery too but I rarely bake in it, because the texture of the bread is not as good as bake in the oven (may be in other people’s machine, it can be good but I don’t like my results.). But using bread machine is so easy, just but all the ingredients and it will do all the kneading, the temperature is under control and some say that the texture of the bread is better than using your hand. For me home bakery is good both for a lazy day and for some recipe. But you just can’t use any recipes in the machine, the moisture of the dough that make in the bread machine have to be more. You have to adjust the recipes. But if you have the bread machine recipe and you want to try, just use less the liquid (little by little you may use all the liquid but if you put all you can’t take them all).

Anyway, when having new recipes you have to beware that every machine behave differently so watch the dough if they have been dry or too moist, you will adjust the recipe to be suitable to your machine.

Pictures from: Japanese cookbook

The bread made by using bread machine.

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