Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cornmeal Thumbprints Cookies: Crunchy delicious, need I say more?

I have to make a confession, I didn't buy this magazine ^^, I just took it from my sister's house when I saw the recipe list. The magazine that I talk about is ....................................

And another confession is I never bought Thai version of ................. before (and I stop buying the English version too, because I start to realize that I love the recipes but I never make any crafts so I will save the money to buy the recipe books from her instead, haha), but this issue is great, there are a lot of cookies recipes, (and I didn't have to pay for it, too  ^^).
So I told my sister that she had to say good bye to this one, and I packed it in my bag right away, hehe).
I think this recipe is interesting, because the texture of the cookie is not plain flour, it has a crunchiness of the cornmeal, and light coat with sugar make the cookie children's favorite. 
 As I was lazy enough, so I didn't make the filling by myself (the original use the homemade cranberry preserve, that I have to say "Sorry, I use the one that I have in the fridge").  I do believe in happy baking ^^, don't do anything that you don't want to, the deliciousness will come from your feeling. 
For this cookie, I use the recipe from the magazine but the method for making the print comes from many books in my shelf. Because as the original tell you to press the cookie when half- baked, I find the cookie dough stick to anything that you use (wood or steel, the result is the same), So I suggest you to press the print again after the cookies come out of the oven, but you have to do it quickly before the cookies harden.
I use a measuring spoon to make the print, it makes the print neat and deep enough for you to put a lot of jam into the print.
I adjust the amount of the salt, well, I think the cornmeal is tastier with a bit of saltiness. And at last what may taster say? This time I have new taster, a friend's son, I opened the box of the cookie and saw his eyes sprinkling, and after he finished his cookies, he said shyly that it's the most delicious cookie he ever tasted ^^, and I hope you will feel like that too.

Cornmeal Thumbprints  Cookies
Makes 15

120g ................................ All purpose flour
80g .................................. Yellow cornmeal
1tsp ................................. Sea salt (if using table salt use ½tsp)
115g ................................ Unsalted butter (soft)
100g ............................... Sugar
½tsp .............................. Grated orange zest
1 ...................................... Egg (separated) 
150g ............................... Jam of your choice (I use strawberry and blueberry jam)

Preheat the oven to 180°C
Line the baking sheet with baking paper or silicone baking mat.
 Whisk flour, cornmeal, and salt together, set aside.
Beat the butter and 50g of sugar until pale (about 2 minutes), put the orange zest in and beat to combine follow by the yolk, beat to combine.

Pour the flour mixture into the bowl and beat with low speed until combine, press the dough  with your hand to make them stick together.
 Using a #50 scoop (spoon about 2 tsp of dough and roll into a ball), scoop the dough and place on the baking sheet.
Put the rest of the sugar in a small bowl, lightly beat the egg white, then dip the cookie in the egg white and coat with sugar and using a measuring spoon to make a print (I use ½tsp spoon).
Bake for 15-17 minutes or until golden.
Take out off the oven and using a measuring spoon to make a print deeper (for this time I use 1tsp spoon).
Let the cookies cool on a wire rack. 
When the cookies cool completely, put the jam into microwavable bowl, heat for 40-60 seconds or until boil. Spoon the hot jam into the hole and let the jam cool.

Cornmeal Thumbprints  Cookies: 
Crunchy delicious, need I say more?


  1. Oh! I definitely want to make this as I still have a packet of yellow cornmeal that I bought one month ago.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. it looks really YUMMY! and i've never try recipe with cornmeal before . . worth exploring into (: also, i believe in happy baking too (: (: thank you pook (:

  3. HI, Anncoo
    Well, I really want you to try, it's good.
    Hi, Jasmine
    Yes, I do believe in happy baking, I think that make us a better baker ^^.
    Hi, Priya
    Thank you

  4. Such lovely pics really make my sweet tooth clatter !!!
    A very happy new year to u n ur family!!!

    - Smita
    (fun foods for little eaters )

  5. good evening, pook! whatever you bake, it always come out so lovely! i've not tried anything with cornmeal sounded really delicious!

  6. Dear Pook,

    Have been your baking fan for over one year, I'm really reading your blog and did tried several recipes from yours. I'm going to Bangkok next week, I want to buy some cookie stamps, chocolate moulds and baking pans. Do you know any big place that sell affordable baking supplies? U can drop me some lines at my address:


  7. Hi, Smita
    Happy new year, ^^.

    Hi, Lena
    Oh! you should try this one, I really love it and hope you will love it too.
    Hi, Michelle
    I just sent you mail, please check.

  8. I have a pack of cornmeal, yet to be opened. And jam too.
    Guess I should try making this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Pook

    Your cookies look really delicious ;)

    You mentioned you use a #50 scoop- how many cc is that cos I have a scoop that says no 24,18cc

    Hear from you

  10. Hi Pook

    Your cookies look really delicious ;)

    You mentioned you use a #50 scoop- how many cc is that cos I have a scoop that says no 24,18cc

    Hear from you

  11. I just baked these cookies!!!! I wish I could post a picture! They are perfect and delicious! It is impossible to eat only one! I didn't have the scoop, so I roll the dough with my hands and it worked perfectly! Thank you for this recipe! I am a fan!

  12. Hi Allyrn
    you can post it in my wall of facebook ^^, I really want to see your cookies too.

  13. Thank you for sharing this nice cookies. Now I know what to do with my cornmeal.

  14. Your Bakes are simply amazing. How do u make such delicious cakes & bakes?




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