Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Made in Italy

By Giorgio Locatelli

I give up writing about this book; I have to admit that I like it so much that I don’t know what to write. There is a lot of information, recipes, and story, all of them are great not because it’s a big and heavy book, but the author has a real passion for his food, his Italian food. Giorgio Locatelli is very good at story telling. He came from the family that food is the center of life from morning ‘til night, so he has greatest love for the food.

The book has a lot of recipes and information about the ingredients (not the plain explanation but it’s full of memory and history about the ingredients, like the fact that the first Gorgonzola is a cheese name Stracchino which the inn keeper left for a few weeks in the kitchen then realize it had become blue with mold. Its taste is good so it begins made in this way). The same as many Italian cookbooks, they tell you to respect your food (when kill the pig, they don’t waste any parts of it). We have to accept the fact of life that the food that we eat is not from the factory or the supermaket. They come from nature, now we know the pork or chicken by the part, not the animal, as he told that his children think he is cruel to kill the crab for dinner, that make him feel bad.

For the recipes, they come with a tip to make them better, and there are a lot of recipes too (whatever you want from the antipasti to dolci). I love the recipe that has a story, and this book is full of the story. And the pictures, both old and new are great, it’s like you come in to his life and his memory.

I don’t have more to say, but I hope that if you have a chance to read this book in the bookstore, just open it and read some chapter, you may love it as I do.

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