Saturday, March 29, 2008


By Elisabeth Prueitt, Chad Robertson, Alice Waters, and France Ruffenach

The first time that I saw this book, I was so late and I must go home but the moment that I saw the cover of the book, I really wanted to have this one. I know that it’s not common for anyone to buy the book because of the cover but it’s common for me (that’s the reason, why I have many cookbooks, ha ha). I didn’t know TARTINE BAKERY before, so the cover of the book is the first thing that wins my heart. So you can guess what I did, I ran and grabbed it, buying without knowing what is inside.

Lucky me, the book is great from inside out, beautiful design and a lot of fantastic photographs. Now I know about this great bakery and the authors of the book: Elisabeth Prueitt is Pastry Chef and co-owner with her husband and renown baker Chad Robertson. Tartine Bakery had been rated in Zagat Survey as Best Bakery and Best Breakfast in San Francisco, so this is the book that came from the best.

As many famous bakeries in our time, organic, fresh, and pure is importance, because they good for our body and mind (yes, having great food can make you feel better believe me), and it can be seen in this book. The recipes in the book are classic but not boring, even you have many cookbooks before (like me), you still find the recipes are worth trying: Croissant, Brioche Bread Pudding, Banana Cream Pie, many kind of fruit tarts, cookies, cakes, chiffon cakes, Creamy Bavarians, Devil's Food Cake, Lemon Pound Cake, Pumpkin Tea Cake and a lot lot more.

The recipe in the book written in 3-measuring systems, that’s very good because I always use weight measurement (most of the books from US, use cup measuring system, I have to convert into weight before using it). Many recipes have a kitchen note, which can give us a practical advice and trick. And the book also devoted one chapter to basic recipe, which is very useful and very good for the beginner.

What can I say about the book? I really love it and with a lot of gorgeous photographs throughout (but I have to tell you that not all the recipes have the photographs), this is an inspiring cookbook with invaluable recipes, as I tried some of the recipes and they turned out great.

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