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Travel with dailydelicious: Hong Kong, City of food, part 2

You may think that I forgot about Hong Kong trip, haha, no, no, no, I still remember it and I will write about it now.

One of the best thing of this trip was coffee, you can find delicious coffee in many places. I started my morning with a cup of latte from N1 Coffee & Co.34 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

As it's so cold inside (well, the air conditioning was too cold for us), we choose to sit outside. If you love coffee,  I think you will love its coffee too. It's intense in taste, ^^.

You can have a breakfast here too, but as we already had a plan, all of us just drunk a cup of coffee, and went to our next destination.

Yes, today we went for our dim sum!!!

We went to Mong Kok for Dim Dim Sum (點點心).

Friends of my close friend said that this branch is the best and because she lives here I believed her ^^.

And it's very, very delicious.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake

Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow)

Seafood Stuffed eggplant with teriyaki sauce

Piggy custard buns

inside ^^

Rice flour rolls

Chicken feet with soy sauce

Siu Mai
To enjoy  Dim Sum, I suggested going with many of your friends (who love to eat, haha), so you will be able to order and try many items.
This restaurant was very good, there are many branches too, ^^.

My friends wanted to go to KWUN YAM TEMPLE at  REPULSE BAY BEACH to pray, but I'm a Christian, so I just came here to take a photo.

The temperature was very high (It's not a good idea to walk along the beach in September).

The view was very nice with, beautiful sky, and there were a lot of shops, cafe and restaurants around the beach too.

After spending time here, we're ready to move.

Back from the REPULSE BAY BEACH, it's time for delicious sweet.

Walking pass a market, there were a lot of beautiful foods.

I thought I was very hungry at that time.

Because when we arrived at Oddies Foodies at 45號 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong.
I was not hesitated to order one cup of Eggette parfait for myself and another for my niece.

It's a soft serve with Eggettee (egg waffles). There were many flavours to chose from.
Mine was "Wood", cinnamon apple pie Eggettes with apple compote, citrus jelly, milk and salted caramel gelato.

  For my niece I ordered "Kido", milk gelato, cookie and cream gelato with Nutella sauce, Nutella custard Eggelttes.
It's delicious, hehe, and because of that I finished my parfait in no time.

After a load of sweetness, I really needed coffee !!!!!
Luckily that I found this place as we walking back to the station.
NOC Coffee Co, 18 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong

Beautiful coffee shop with great coffee.

We relaxed here and enjoy the moment.

Anyway, we  didn't have a chance (or space in my stomach) to enjoy the food here.

But it's great to find this place.

Many people went to Hong Kong for shopping, but for us, it's a place for food, haha. 
Because after a bit of shopping (some kitchen gadget and equipments), we went back to our hotel.

It's time for dinner, but we're so tired to go anywhere.
We ended up walking around hotel.

And found a small restaurant Fisherman 漁民麵館 Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
that served many kinds of Chinese food, that made from Fish Maw , and noodles.

As the place just had their soft opening, some of the staffs are not very familiar with their work, but they were very, very nice.

I think I wanted to come back here again if I have a chance.

It's quite late and my niece had to go to bed, so we (me and my friend) sent my mom and my niece back to the hotel, and walking in the rain for one of the place that we didn't want to miss.

It's KaiKai dessert (佳佳甜品) 號地下, 29 Ning Po St, Jordan, Hong Kong

We came here for authentic Chinese dessert.

You might be tempted by many, many desserts, but for me I knew that I wanted to have my favourite menu, black sesame rice balls with ginger soup.

It's DELICIOUS, or I must say it's very delicious, not too sweet, and the ginger soup was just right, not too spicy too.
If you love this style of dessert, I really recommended this place.

The time went by so fast, it's our last day in Hong Kong.
We started this day by walking to Kowloon Park (九龍公園).

It's so relaxing, I almost forgot that we're in the city.

The park was clean and tidy, it might be good if we could spend more time here.

But we're not allowed to as we had to go back today.

So we left the park and went for our breakfast.
You may saw a photo of the HK French toast before, and I think you must try it if you come to Hong Kong.
I didn't know where is the best HK French toast but deep fried peanut butter filled, egg soaked toast with load of syrup, this sinfully breakfast just win my heart!

You might think that HK French toast is my last meal at this trip, no, you're wrong, haha.
Just before leaving Hong Kong, we still enjoyed delicious cake at the airport!

You can find Lady M here inside the airport, and you can buy famous Signature Mille Crêpes in frozen form, and bring it back to you home too.

After this trip, I really want to go to HongKong again. There are many places that I want to try, and I hope that next time I will walk more (well you know what I'm taking about right, haha).
Travel with dailydelicious: Hong Kong, City of food, part 2

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