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Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day 5 Let's go to the zoo and fruit picking

Today, we're in Asahikawa, and it's our last day at Asahikawa too.

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Because we always bought a lot of food, we decided to stay at the hotel, and eat all the things that we bought for breakfast before going out (and we could save time too ^^, as we waked up late everyday, haha).

As Hokkaido is famous for milk product, we bought a lot of them and this yogurt was one of the best in our opinion ^^, Bocca Yogurt drink, rich, creamy and very delicious, try it if you find it!.

I ended up collecting a lot of milk bottles, as they're very cute (and heavy, haha).

Our destination in this morning was, Asahiyama Zoo, and it took 30 minutes drive from Asahikawa Jr station (where we stayed).

As we went there very early, there're a lot of parking space in front of the gate.

We pay 820yen and got the tickets (children under junior high school don't have to pay for the ticket).

Today, we finally saw the sun, as we spent our trip under the rain almost everyday.

As we planed to spend time here, we would eat lunch here too, and there're a lot of small kiosks where you can get food, drink and sweet, everywhere.

It's a great place to spend time with children, and my niece was very excited.

The first stop was Penguin building.
There're many 4 kinds of Penguin at Asahikawa zoo.
* King penguin (キングペンギン)
* Gentoo penguin (ジェンツーペンギン)
* Humboldt penguin (フンボルトペンギン)
* Rockhopper Penguin (イワトビペンギン)

Humboldt penguin (フンボルトペンギン)

Gentoo penguin (ジェンツーペンギン)

King penguin (キングペンギン)

If you go to the zoo in winter, you will get a chance to see penguin parade too.

Spotted Seal(ゴマフアザラシ) was swimming in Marine way (pillar water tank) 

We we reached the Spotted Seal exhibition, it's the feeding show.

And the staff told us about the nature of the seal, but there're a lot of people and my niece couldn't see clearly -*-, so after a while we moved from the seal house.

The sky was blue, and the weather was very good, it's the best day for out door ^^.

We walked to Polar bear building, and spent time watching this huge bear, ^^. Ps. don't you know that the fur of the polar bear is not white, it's transparent, and it's the only thing that I learnt from here, haha.

Lesser Panda (シセンレッサーパンダ)

And now, let me introduce you to my new favourite kind of animal "Lesser Panda". They're very, very cute ^^, and I spent 10-15 minutes here just watching them walked.

Snowy Owl (シロフクロウ)
And this owl, was one of animal that I like, it didn't move even an inch since we reached the cage, and it's so beautiful to me.

We walked and walked, there're so many kinds of interesting animal to see, and in Asahiyama zoo, they gave us many way to observe the animal (such as seal eye (capsule) in Polar bear building, or Marine way (pillar water tank).

But one of the thing that I love was the sign, haha, so cute ^^.

Japanese Deer (エゾシカ)

Just walking and keeping pressing shutter, I had a very good time.

If you can here with a plan for taking photo of the animal, you will be very happy, and I filled my cards with many, many photos too.

It's lunch time, and we decided to buy some food from small kiosk in the zoo.

Chicken Kara-ake
Well, don't ask me about the flavour, haha.

Chicken teriyaki

But after a long walk, sitting in the shade with warm food, was a good moment.

A cup of soup was good enough to warm us.

I love the colour of the trees, they're so beautiful under the blue sky.

After eating, we walked to Children's ranch (こども牧場) where you can touch the small animal (at specific schedule).

They're very cute ^^.


Common Peafowl (インドクジャク)

We end up spending almost 4 hours here, haha, and there're many building that we didn't visit, but we had to move now^^.

Only 6 minutes drive, we reached Minami Kanko Orchard (南観光果樹園).

We came here to enjoy fruit picking, and it depends on the season, when we went there we had a chance to pick grapes.

The rule was simple, paying the fee (1000 yen for adult, and 800 yen for child), and you can eat while you're in the field, but if you cut more than you eat, you have to pay for them before taking the fruit with you .

I didn't know how long we're here, ^^, but the weather was very good.

we walked, ate (and I took photo as always).

We picked both kinds of grapes, the dark blue and green.

After eating a lot of them (until our tongue turned blue, haha), it's time for us to go.

We saw the apple tree, but at that time, it's the end of the season, so we couldn't pick them.

But I asked for the permission to go near the tree, and take a photo of it.

Today we would return the car and took a train to Sapporo.

So even we wanted to spend more time here, we couldn't.

We turned back from the field, and walked back to the shop.

And bought some fruits to eat on the train.

The apple was delicious, juicy sweet with a bit of tangy taste.

And paid for the grapes that we picked from the field.

Note that if you want to pick the fruit, don't forget to check the schedule, as the fruit picking depends on the season, so the kinds of fruit will be different.

We drove back to Asahikawa, and returned our car at Toyota rent a car. after paying for our fuel we walked back to the hotel.

It's time to leave Asahikawa, and we just realised that we didn't spend our time in the city at all!!! 

Because we had to spend 1.30 hours on the train, we bought food from the Aeon, and having our dinner on the train.

It's the end of the day, and I felt so tired, haha, but a cup of coffee was enough to keep me alive, and one thing that I just knew at that time was, Starbuck in Hokkaido was delicious, haha.
Tomorrow we would go to drink a load of coffee in Sapporo, so be prepared.

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