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Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day four, beautiful view in the rain.

It's the forth day of our trip, and we're still had a lot to do, go and eat ^^.

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 This morning, we decided to eat everything that we brought along the way, haha. Because we didn't want to curry them to Sapporo (we would return our car here before moving to Sapporo).

 So, my breakfast was, Le Tao's  Fromage Double, coffee milk and many kinds of bread that we bought from the bakery.

Before leaving the city, I saw this, kindergarten's teacher put their children into a cart, haha, and I couldn't help but taking a photo, it's a cleaver way to taking care of the small kids.

And now, we're ready to go to Biei (美瑛町), it took 50 minutes drive from Asahikawa to Shirogane Blue Pond (白金青い池)
Shirogane, 美瑛町 Biei, Kamikawa District, Hokkaida 071-0235 +81 166-94-3355

As, there were so many things to see along the way, I didn't feel bored, and now we arrived at the blue pond.
I love the fact that, there were nothing here, haha. No shops, toilet or anything else, only the pond (and parking space) ^^.

The pond was so blue, and very beautiful, (Ps. it's man made pond, it is part of an erosion control system that was built to prevent damage to Biei in case of an eruption by nearby Mount Tokachidake).

 If you didn't like quite scenery, or taking load of photo, this place might be boring as there's nothing to do except walking around the pond, take a deep breath and press shutter, haha.

 I spend a load of time here, until the rain's falling heavily, and we had to run back to our car.

We drove from the blue pond to our next destination, Shirahige Waterfall (しらひげの滝) that's very close to the blue pond.

 Parking and walked for 1 minutes to Blue River Bridge (ブルーリッジリバー), and you could see the waterfall from here.

 It's quite and beautiful, but the rain's still falling, but I could take a lot of photos, as there're only 2-3 groups of people.

There're many colour, both in the sky and on the mountain, it made me realizes again how beautiful the Nature is.

 And it's noon time, so we had to leave all the beautiful view to find something to eat.

We drove back to Biei, (it took 30 minutes), to our target
Gauche (Gosh) roasted coffee shop (ゴーシュ(Gosh)自家焙煎珈琲店)
+81 166-95-2052

3 Chome-4-21 Bibaushikita, Biei-chō, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaidō 071-0461

After a bit of confusing (the shop was not easy to find), we arrived at the shop.

Walking into the shop, the master came to welcome us but he told us that we couldn't eat here !!!!!!!!
Yes,' it's my fault, because I didn't know that they didn't allow children under 15 years -*-.
Well, it became my lesson that I had to check more carefully.

 Because we're cold and it's raining, so we ordered hot coffee to warm ourself, and ordered hot milk for my niece, and the master said that they didn't sell hot milk (cry).
But after a minute or two, the master smile, and turned back to pick up a cup and told me that he would make hot milk for her. I still can remember his smile, his kind words, we met so many nice people in this trip, and even the weather was cold, they gave us warmth that we won't forget.
After paying for the coffee (the coffee was one of the best in this trip! and some bread that we ate lately and they were very, very and very delicious), I found out that he didn't charge us for the milk, Thank you so much^^.

 So, we went to our plan two. The small bakery Likka Lokka  (リッカ ロッカ).
Luckily, it's very close but it's not easy to find to, haha, as we drove pass the shop for 2-3 times until we saw the small sign.

 1 minute walk from the parking space, and now, we arrived at the shop.

 And i'm happy to see that they opened, haha, because it's so quite.

There're lunch set, sweet set, bread and drink that we could eat here. But we we arrived the lunch set was sold out (they didn't make much of them), so we only had sweet set and bread to order.

We ordered at the counter, and paid fo the food, before went to sit inside.

 This shop was very cute and warm (plus the light in the shop was so beautiful, I couldn't stop taking a photo).

Because it's self service, there're a space that you could warm the bread and had a glass of water.

 Our bread was brought to our table.

 And we took our bread to the toaster, and warm our own bread.

 While waiting for our sweet set, I walked pass the back door to the backyard, it's so beautiful, that if the weather was warmer it would be great to spend our time eating here in the sun.

Finally my Bagel French toast set (690 yen) was arrived, it came with ice cream and jam ^^. 

 I had another cup of coffee (well, I drank load of coffee on this trip, haha, but it's source of my energy anyway).

 And now, our bread was ready, warm and gooey  with melted cheese, it's very delicious.

 Warm French toast and ice cream and jam, it's very comforting time.

 We sit here for hours, haha, I love the atmosphere, the fragrance and yes, its beautiful light that I couldn't have enough of it!.

 But we had to go, after enjoying our lunch, we said good bye and leave this small and lovely bakery.

 Note: If you have a chance to read a book (or watch the movie) name Bread of Happiness (幸せのパン), you might think that the bakery in the story came into real life here ^^.

With only 6 minutes drive, we reach Shikisai no Oka  (四季彩の丘), where we came to see beautiful flower.

 The minute that we arrived the rain just stopped and I saw rainbow, so I tried to take the photo as fast as I can ^^.

 Because it's raining and it's late (almost 4 now) we didn't have a chance to get into the cart, haha but walking might be better after eating a lot of sweet, right?

 The sky kept changing all the time, and it made taking photo fun and interesting.

 As the flowers had been planted in row, it's very stunting view when you look from far away, but don't forget to admire them as individual, they're beautiful too ^^.

Forgive me for a lot of photo without nothing much to say, haha.

 The flower that they planted here is always changing, depending on the season, so the view won't be the same.

 It's far and faraway.

After taking a lot of photo, we had to go back to Asahikawa (the sun would set soon).
We came back to the car and decided that we would went to the Aeon mall for our dinner instead of going to any restaurant.

Parking the car at the hotel and a bit of Refreshing, we walked across the road to Aeon mall, and the first thing that came to our eyes was sweet, and more sweet.
I saw Ryugetsu (柳月), one of the shop that I didn't have a time to try when we're in Obihiro.

 So, we bought some of the sweet to enjoy them later in the hotel.

 They were delicious too, but for my taste, I think Rokkaitei is better.

 But I ate only 2 kinds of sweet, so if you have a chance I suggest trying them by yourself (and let me know too ^^.)

Food court was our destination for today dinner.
There were many thing to choose, but I knew what I want, hehe.

 Because we ate a lot of bread and rice, now I really wanted to eat meat ^^, so I decided to have Pepper lunch  (ペッパーランチ) steak.

 My niece still needed rice so she had rice menu from Pomunoki (ポムの樹).

When my sister couldn't decide, so she ordered both rice dish and steak.

So we ended up we ordered 4 dishes for 3 of us, as always, haha.

After easy dinner at the food court, we walked around, the first floor of the mall, but didn't want to buy anything much.

Drinking cheeese
 Before leaving the mall, we found Kita no Kitchen (北のキッチン), that I really recommended!, if you want to buy Hokkaido made food and sweet. We bought a lot of milk and cheese (and most of them were delicious), and retuned to the hotel.
Tomorrow, we would go to the zoo and farm, so it's time to sleep and save our energy ^^.
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