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Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day two, Eating, and non stop eating in and around Obihiro

Tokachi Hill 
From Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day one, Happy brunch with Doraemon, and nobody (else) train.
 It's day two in Hokkaido, and we're in Obihiro, capital of Tokachi state the palce that's load of delicious things to see and eat. Waked up in the morning, we're ready to go to Toyota rent a car (Obihiro shop), that's about 10 minutes (by a car) from the hotel. The weather was cold and the rain was falling, so we took a taxi from the hotel.

The taxi driver was very nice, because my sister forgot her coat, so I had to wait in front of the hotel. He told me to get into the taxi and asked me what we will do on that day. I told him that after getting the car, we will drive to Manabe garden, and he tried to show me the map ^^.
When we're ready, he took us to the shop, but didn't let us get out, until he went into the shop to make sure that it's the right shop (there are 3 Toyoto rent a car shop in Obihiro).
I think he's very cute, when he run out of the shop and made Maru sign, haha.
The staff at the Toyoto rent a car was very nice too, even she couldn't speak much English, she tried her best to explain us everything, until I told her that you can speak to me in Japanese, (I'm not very good at Japanese but it's better than waiting, hehe).

Now, we got our car, we rent Toyota Wish as we had a lot of suitcases. And our adventure started!!!

The first thing was to understand the Navigation system, and it's not easy for us, haha. Not because it's not a good system but because the place that I wanted to go (most of them) are not easy to see from the road.
Our first stop is Mugioto (ますやパン 麦音) Obihiro, the Navi got us there but I still couldn't find it! We drove, and drove (spent about 20 minutes around here), plus the Navi told us to follow her direction (as it's woman's voice I think the Navi is a women, haha)  as I saw only the photo of the Bakery on the internet, I tried to find the place that looks the same.
Finally my sister ask me to read the sign and yes, we passed this place about 3 times by now. -*-

 Anyway, let's go into the bakery and find something to eat, we didn't have our breakfast yet.
First we thought about eating here, as the bakery provides large beautiful outdoor space and but we changed the plan, so we bought delicious bread and went to our next destination instead.

There were so many kinds of bread to choose in this large bakery. As Tokachi state is the largest wheat producer in Japan (about 25%) this bakery use local (and good quality) Tokachi wheat, it was established in 1950.

 We walked around the shelves and inhaled delicious small from the fresh baked bread.

 Not only bread, there were local products waited for us to buy too, but as we still had to go to many places, we couldn't bought many of them.

Everything looked great, and I really couldn't decide which to buy. So we ended up bought a lot of breads (too much that we had to carry it Asahikawa, haha).
Now, when we had food, we headed to our next Navi test "Manabe Garden (真鍋庭園緑化)".

With 6-10 minutes drive from the Bakery, we arrived at Manabe garden. It's raining all the time, and now I needed a cup of hot coffee to warm myself, and increased caffeine in my blood.
Luckily, there is a small cafe in the garden, and after buying Latte for myself, paying the fee (¥800 for an adult and ¥200 for a child) , we walked slowly into this huge garden.

Now, you can choose the walking trails, and there are 3 of them.
The Squirrel is 30-minutes course, Fox trail 45-minutes and the rabbit 60 minutes. Follow the sign to suit your time and your laziness, hehe.
We still couldn't decide, which trail to go, just walking and enjoy the nature.

Because of the rain, there only 2-3 groups of people, the garden was peaceful and very beautiful.
We're looking forward to a place that we could have our breakfast.

Finally we stopped at the small pond, and yes, opened our bag.

Tokachi Milk
I bought local Tokachi milk from the bakery, and it's rich and very delicious ^^.

Enjoyed my milk with croissant, and fried potato roll (just coming out of the kitchen when we arrived at the bakery), fried potato roll was very delicious, but my niece finished it very quickly, I didn't have a chance to take the photo of it.

There were a lot of fishes in the pond, they didn't afraid of people and ready to come close to us.

If you want, there's a machine where you can buy the food for them, (¥100 per 1 box of this).

They came so close!!!!!!!

And they would eat the food from your hand too, hehe.
We enjoyed the fish pond so much, and I took a load of photo here ^^.

After having fun with fish, we started walking.
The garden was good to spend time walking and taking a photo, I can be here for half of the day if it's not raining.

Red, yellow and green leaves, as the autumn was just started, the garden was full with different color.

We walked around, until we found a sigh, and follow the Fox trail before finding the exit.

We spend almost 2 hours in the garden, and now it's time to get out of here.

But before returning to our car, I stopped here at the shop, and bought a lot of souvenirs, ^^, they're so cute.
If we didn't have a lot of eating plan, I really wanted to try this super cute cookie from the cafe, but we had to save our (stomach) space for lunch.

We got into the car and went to our next stop, Tokachi Hill.
(Tokachi Hills Hokaido 十勝ヒルズ)
13-5 Nisshin, Makubetsu-chō, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaidō 089-0574 ญี่ปุ่น
+81 155-56-1111
Now, we had a small issue with the Navigation system again, haha. As the Tokachi hill is on the hill, but when we reached the foot of the hill, the Navi said that we already reached our destination, -*-.
But at this time, Google Map was the only one that we can trust (there're no body for us to ask).
And we followed the google map navi, and drive to the Tokachi hill, after this situation, I started using both car navi and google together to make sure haha.

To get inside, you need to pay the fee, (¥800 for an adult and ¥400 for a child(中学生)), we could pass the gate to the garden and restaurant.

As it's still raining and we're hungry (again, haha).
We walked pass everything, and went to the farm restaurant Viz .

This restaurant located in the garden, and the view was remarkable ^^.

We sit next to the window, and enjoy the spectacular view.

Beautiful atmosphere, with very warm welcome from staffs ^^.

As you have to pay the garden fee to get here, they gave you a discount (show the staff your bill and you get discount for the same amount of the fee ).
And now, we're ready to order.
Each person had to order one main dish, beside from that (salad, soup, side dish and dessert), they're buffet.

There're many things to enjoy ^^, and they're delicious, plus the vegetable was extremely good!.
They used Tokachi grown vegetable and I never taste the tomato that as delicious as this one before.

Liver mousse
There're a lot of side dishes to try, and most of them were great.

Delicious sourdough bread

Zucchini mousse
Because the vegetables were fresh, and they use seasonal vegetable, they're shine without having to add anything much.

レチョ Hungarian vegetable soup (¥2500)
Now, our main dish arrived.
I order レチョ Hungarian vegetable soup (¥2500)

マンガリッツァ豚(Mangalica pork in Paprika) (¥2500)
My niece ordered マンガリッツァ豚(Mangalica pork in Paprika) (¥2500).

チキン (chicken meat with Hungarian pasta) ¥2000
And the last one チキン (chicken meat with Hungarian pasta) ¥2000.
Delicious Hungarian style food ^^ (as the chef is Hungarian), we finished them all, haha.
And yes, we're so full that even they said that we can have 3 kinds of desserts per person, each of us just chose one as we couldn't eat more than that.

The staff told me that I must try this one, カシスとチョコレートムース。As this was one of the chef famous dessert ^^.

And my niece picked this one Mini Opera cake.

The last one was my sister (who's not a chocoholic like 2 of us), she chose fruit cake.

I have to say that we enjoyed the food, and the restaurant very much ^^. The staffs were helpful and I could feel that they're love their work because when they knew that my sister and my niece couldn't understand Japanese they tried to use google translate to explain the food on the buffet table for them with load of smile on their face!
After spending time talking and taking photo with the staffs ^^, we walked through the rain and taking photo around.

But it's cold and the rain became heavier, we had to stop walking and return to the shop.

Taking photo in the rain was not good but I think it gave you a different scenery ^^.

But if the weather is good, I think we would need 2 hours here, hehe.

Passing the shop, there're a lot of original and local products.

We had to travel for 7 days more, buying food was not a good option.

But before getting out of the shop I spot this small red bag, it's sweet and salty dried tomato.
And I really, really, +++++ recommend it.
We (three of us) enjoyed it very much ^^, it's very delicious.
First we planed to go to Lake Shikaribetsu 然別湖 but it took almost 1.30 hours and the sun would set when we reach there, so we change our plan.

Just driving back to the hotel, and walking around there was a better option. Because tomorrow we would leave here to go to Asahikawa.

With less than 5 minutes from the Hotel, we came to  Rokkatei Obihiro Honten (六花亭 帯広本店 )
〒080-0012 Hokkaidō, Obihiro-shi, Nishi 2 Jōminami, 9 Chome−6
+81 155-24-6666

Rokkatei was established in 1933 (84 years by now),  with wish for the shop to be a representative confectionary in Hokkaido (as they use local ingredients for making their sweet) and I think they reached their goal. As you can find Rokkatei everywhere in Hokkaido plus, their sweet is very delicious too.

Anyway, we're ready for delicious dessert.

Marusei Ice sandwich (マルセイアイスサンド)¥200 
There're a lot of sweet to choose from and it's very hard to decide ^^.
But I tried to keep in mind that it's not the last chance to come here and just choose the one that I wanted to eat most. And it's Marusei Ice sandwich (マルセイアイスサンド)¥200 the famous Marusei butter sandwich in ice cream form.

Pudding cake (プディングケーキ¥360)
My niece ordered Pudding cake, and I had to tell you that it's very, very delicious.

Strawberry milk (いちごミルク¥420)
The drink was Strawberry milk (いちごミルク¥420).

Sakusaku pie (サクサクパイ¥160)
For people who love puff pastry like my sister, she couldn't help but ordered this Sakusaku pie (サクサクパイ¥160)

original blended tea オリジナルブレンドティー ¥420

If you love tea, try this one original blended tea (オリジナルブレンドティー ¥420), that meant to be drunk with sweet ^^. 

Kurizensai (栗ぜんさい¥580)
As the Autumn means chestnut for me ^^, I had to order this one too, Kurizensai (栗ぜんさい¥580) it's recommended for this season.
They're delicious, and the staffs (again, I think one of the things that I'm so happy when thinking bout this trip is the people, we met many nice people everywhere), were very nice. And we spent good time here.

Walking down the stair, the first floor was the place where you can buy fresh cake and other kinds of confectionary.

I wished I could eat them all!!!!.

The shop was almost closed by the time that we finished, so we had to move.

Anyway, I bought Daifuku from here, to find out that it's one of the most delicious Daifuku that I'd ever ate in my life (cry), soft and lightly salty taste, it's so good.

If you have a chance to buy something from here I recommend this one, Marusei butter sandwich, it's very, very delicious, but the shelf life is short so you can't buy a lot of it.

The design of the package is very cute, plus you can buy original Rokkatei Making tape here too ^^.

We crossed the road to the large department store Fujimaru Obihiro to find out that we had only 1.30 hours to spend here before the store close (it closed at 19.00 ).
To tell you the truth, we rarely spent our time in the shop, or department store, and the result is we didn't have a chance to buy anything much too, haha.
But if you come to Obihiro, I still recommend this department store, the goods were good quality, and it's very quite, hehe. I got some cute design kitchen wares here and very hurry to pay for them before they closed the door -*-.
I wish I could have more time, but we had our plan (and the hotel) so we had to move on.

With 10 minutes walking from department store, we went to Kita no Yatai (北の屋台 ). A small road where you will find small Isakaya (when I said small, I really mean it ^^", it can serve only 6-7 customers ).

There were a lot of Isakaya, but most of them were full, plus we had small child, it's not easy to find a right place.
But wait, before giving up, we saw this place, a small Gyoza Bar Yukumo : 餃子バル行雲
Let's go to enjoy our dinner ^^.

We got a seat (I think we're lucky as the owner said that it's the first time of the week that they could relax after load of people in Summer time).
And I ask the counter staff for the recommendation.

Before the food, she asked me what kind of drink that I wanted to have, and I choose wine.

十勝ワイン 町民用白ワイン ザ・いけだ
So she suggested this white wine, 十勝ワイン 町民用白ワイン ザ・いけだ。
Very delicious white wine with dry and fruity taste.

My sister wanted to have Plum liquor, (well, if it's mine, I wanted to have it on the rock, hehe).

It's 梅酒 ブランデー仕込み, Plum liquor made from brandy from 十勝ワイン.

But don't worry, I didn't order any alcohol drink for my niece, hehe, this one "Orange juice".

fried rice (チャーハン¥500) 
The first thing is fried rice (チャーハン¥500) for the kid, ^^, as she's hungry.

Yakiyasai gyoza (焼き野菜餃子¥650)
Next one was Yakiyasai gyoza (焼き野菜餃子¥650) that went very well with white wine ^^.

And my sister wanted to try this one, Buta Kinchi Gyoza (豚キムチ餃子¥700), this one would be great with a glass of beer.

It's amazing, that they could do so many things in this small kitchen (or a cooking space ^^).

We ate and talked with the staff, it's fun to talk with her as we asked her for some advice about the place where we wanted to go.

The last dish that we ordered (and it took a load of time ^^") was 3 cheese, a plate of 3 kinds of delicious Hokkaido cheese that came with vegetable from Master (chef)'s home town.
Delicious meal with load of laughing, we said good bye to the staff and Master, it's our last night in Obihiro.

The next day, we would drive for 4 hours (in total) to go to Asahikawa, and we walked back to the hotel, with happiness that we got from many people and place on this day.

Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day three, our trip on the road, and the warmth inside the snow

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