Sunday, May 26, 2013

My UK Diary No.1: I started my vacation with shopping!!!!

 Because of many things in life (work, family, health, and etc.), I didn't go to UK for 2 years. But this year when everything is in the right place, hehe, I can take my long, long vacation^^.

Going to UK takes 12 hours on the plane so I choose night flight, that will arrive at UK in the morning, I can rest on the plane and have a good morning.
The UK immigration counter is crowded as always, -*-, about 45 minutes past until I could get out of that place.
 While driving home, I saw this three-wheel car on the road, ^^ SOOOO COOL!!
I never thought that someone really drives it on the road (well, it's the first time that I saw it on the road too). 
My Lunch, ham sandwich with chips and  avocado salad 
We arrived at my sister's place about lunch time, because I still didn't want to move, haha, my sister prepared me a simple lunch, a sandwich and salad. I started to think that it's not only what you eat but the people who is with you at that moment can make the food more delicious. We had a simple lunch while looking at the garden and talking about each other life, I felt so happy, because when she was in Thailand we were very close and talking on the phone is not the same as in person ^^.

 After having lunch, we had a plan, and it's shopping, hehe. The Ashford Designer Outlet is very close to her house, a lot of designer brands but I kept my eyes on Home & Gifts shops, ^^. 

Le Creuset shop
 How can you pass this orange shop, haha, every food and cooking lover will be fall in love with Le Creuset equipment and crockery. Most of them are 20% off, or 3 for 2 price, I wanted everything, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! 
 Anyway,  I had to choose little pieces so I could take them home. ^^
There are a lot of other shops too, and if you could see me, I almost dropped dead, haha, I wanted all of them. 

We finished our shopping and went home, this day is the observing mission, hehe, I will go to have (real) shopping again, next time.


  1. Sounds good!! Outlet and Le Creuset at same sentence, wow!! Paradise!!

    And, it's true, company enhaces any meal flavor.
    And chocolate. But also company :P

    Enjoy your stay in London ;)

    Greeting from a shy, lover of your desserts and follower of your blog, that finally said something!!

  2. Hope you had fun in the UK. I have been a follower of your blog for a long time. If you visit London I'd like too meet you!



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