Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Birthday Trip Lampang- Chiang Rai

It's a long time ago, since I had a trip with my family members. This time, I went to Lampang- Chiang Rai  with my brother, mom, dad and niece. Last Friday was my birthday, so I called it my brithday trip, haha.
We started very early in the morning because we had a plan that we went to Lampang first before going to Chiang-rai . 

View was not spectacle but the weather was quite hot, we didn't stop at any place because the main event (for me) was going to shop some ceramics at Lampang. 
The road from Denchai to Lampang has a lot of curves because we had to go up and down the hill all the time, I was so afraid that I will have a car sick!!!    
Anyway, we arrived safely at last.

At Lampang, there are a lot of ceramic factories, if you ever see chicken pattern bowl, the first one was produced here at Dhanabadee factory. Dhanababesakul Crockery was the first factory of Dhanabadee Ceramic Group established in 1965 by Mr. E (Chin Simyu) and still produces the original Chicken bowl and other ceramic wares utilizing the same methods as in ancient times. All products are hand made from the preparation of the raw materials to the setting and firing in the "Dragon kiln". There is a Ceramic museum too, the place where we can see the ancient kiln. Mostly the products are home decoration, with modern design, I ended up buying a lot of small home decoration items here, haha.

But I had another place that I needed to go, "Kadmuanjai" (Kad means market and muanjai means happy, and you know how happy I was, ^^) is the one for any people who want to buy Crockery.  There are a lot of items, I became a little girl in a large toy shop, haha, run around and put everything in to the basket, until my brother said that we won't have enough space in our car -*- . At last I got 3 boxes of the Crockery, hehe. There are a lot of products but you have to beware that many of them didn't pass the quality control, so you have to use your eyes closely before buying it.
After buying a lot, we came back on the road and started our journey to Chiang-rai, The road side view is very good here, especially when we passed the wood, where it used for military training, a lot of big trees, I'm still feel sorry that I didn't take any photos there.   

Next day we went to Wat Rong Khun (Thai: วัดร่องขุ่น)
This temple is very famous and very beautiful. It was designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat.
Wat Rong Khun is  in Chiang Rai, about 10 kilometers from the inbound. The church is in white color, and you have to cross the bridge to go inside, the bridge is the meaning of the crossing from hardness life into sanctuary. It's one way, you can't turning back after start crossing the bridge. 
On the way you will see a lot of hand and face sculptures, I had a feeling that they are the people who need help and want to stay away from sorrow, anyway I don't know is it right or not, ^^. 
We don't allowed to take a photo in the church, but the painting are interesting, quite modern, you can see Doraemon or even the super heroes here.
There is an art gallery, where we can have a look at Chalermchai Kositpipat's work too.

The next day is very important day, because it's my birthday.
We went to Mae sai and have lunch at Yunnan Chinese restaurant 
Mae sai is about 60 kilometers from Chiang-rai, if you go there in the morning you can park at Wat phratandoiwoi  (have to pay parking fee but it's very convenient).
Today, I wanted to buy some Chinese tea cups and Chinese tea. And I got a lot of tea and tea cups, hehe, and I got the tea table too (small table for preparing the tea, you can place it over the table). The price is not too high and there are a lot of styles. 

I got the Osmanthus Flower Tea too, the fragrance is very sweet and thick. It can be mix with oolong tea to crate Osmanthus tea (ten thousand lee fragrance tea). I want to use it for making sweet, because its fragrance is very interesting. I also got wild Chrysanthemum, brewing it with hot water and you got sweet and relaxing herbal tea. 
After buying a lot of many things, haha, I didn't forget to buy roasting chestnuts, very delicious and very cheap. There are a lot of dried fruits and nuts, so it's quite fun for people who love to eat (like me). 
The next stop was  eating lunch, we planed to eat at Yunnan Chinese restaurant "Jing lan shun". It's on the left when coming from Mae sai.
Because it's my Birthday, I looked at the menu and wanted to eat everything, haha. 
The first is soup with many ingredients (I can't remember the name), bamboo, fish maw and vegetables, the flavor is light so it can be eaten on its own.
The next one is fish maw soup. I started to be full, haha.
The suggested dish is Fuuyon fish, Mango fish steamed with egg white. This fish dish is very delicious, light flavor with a bit of salt, eating it with rice is very good.
Fried milk sheet, made from boiling boil and remove the top of it and fried it, the taste is rich and salty.
Yunnan tofu is one of my favorite dish, a bit hot but light, my mom love it too. It made from silken tofu with garlic, chili and coriander. This food is very healthy in my opinion. 
The fried fish is good but the fried garlic is too bitter so I don't like it much. 
Stir fried egg plants, is good to but I want the flavor to be more intense. The other suggested dish is fried pork Chitterlings, this dish is very delicious. 
Liqueur soaked chicken is good,I think I eat too much, haha. So we finished that day without any desserts, because we were full. 
If you have a chance to go to Mae sai, you can try this restaurant, it's quite old, without an air conditioner but the food is worth stop by. (Anyway the food can be slow if there are many customer).  
Next day, we went to The Black House (Baandam) Museum by Thawan Duchanee that is being built and designed by the Thai National Artist Thawan Duchanee (b. 1939).
There are 36 buildings, and they are in a variety of styles. They have been made by using black as a theme color.  There are a lot of big trees, we walked around, the scenery is beautiful.  

Each house is a museum with a different objects, most of them are related to death or dying. There are skulls and skeletons, skins and broken eggs and there are some more traditional demons and gargoyles too. 
I have to say that I don't want to be here at night, ^^" it's frightening, hehe. 

The front of the museum is a shop, you can buy souvenir but all I wanted to do was eating ice cream and relaxing.
Before coming back, we went to see my mom's friend, I didn't have a chance to go to Pedestrian mall (ถนนคนเดิน) because it rained almost everyday esp. the day that I had a plan to go there, -*-. Anyway, because of the rain, the flowers were beautiful.  
I had a chance to see Red-whiskered bulbuls (very small!!!) and with helping from chair (I'm too short !!) I could take a picture of them in their nest.
We came back and stopped at Denchai to see the wood market. Anyway I could't buy anything more haha, there was not space left in the car. The only thing that I could buy was some Sai oua (ไส้อั่ว) that's all, -*-.
I had so much fun with this trip, and hoping that I will have enough time to travel again.


  1. I hope its not too late to wish you. Happy Birthday.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday


  3. Khun Jiraporn, Happy Birthday to you.
    I will in Bangkok on 17 - 21 May.
    Than will visit the shop you advise me before. Thanks for your sharing.

    joceline - Penang / Malaysia

  4. Happy birthday! Looks like a very productive and well spent birthday weekend ^^ many many happy returns!

  5. Hi, Anonymous
    Thank you.

    Hi, Yen
    Thank you

    Hi, Joceline
    Thank you

    Hi, Hui
    Thank you

    Him Suresh A
    ^^, you're always welcomed.



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