Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Cooking with LG SolarDOM: Caramel toffee

You may think that it's not easy to make caramel toffee, but I will show you the easiest way to make it ^^. Using your MICROWAVE!!!!

Because the main point of making the caramel toffee is heating the cream, milk and sugar until they come to the thicken stage. I made the caramel toffee using the stovetop before, but it will be hard for anyone who don't have sugar thermometer. 
So, thinking about using only one bowl and you can make it. Anyway, I have to warm you that you need a big bowl for this job, because while the ingredients boiling, they will spill out of the bowl like crazy if the bowl is too small, the bigger the better for this job.
You may wonder why we need to heat it for 50 seconds many times, it's because the sugar will burn easily if heating for a long time after it becomes caramel, so it's safer to do it this way.
If you like you can put vanilla seeds into the caramel too, just mixing it at the start, and you get vanilla caramel toffee, ^^. 
So, why don't you try making caramel toffee by yourself with me, it's easy and I have to say that it's delicious!

Caramel toffee
Make 9 (using 10cm pan)

200ml ...................... Whole milk
100ml ...................... Whipping cream
80g .......................... Granulated sugar
1/2tbsp ................... Honey
Line 10cm square pan with baking paper.
Put all the ingredients in a large bowl, whisk to combine. Cover with plastic warp and heat at 600 w for 12 minutes.
Take the bowl out of the microwave, remove the plastic warp, and heat at 600 w for  5 minutes. 

Take the bowl out of the microwave, stir and heat at 600 w for 1.30 minutes.
You will need to heat the caramel at 600 w for 50 seconds, 5-7 times more, or until the caramel thicken. Take the bowl out of the microwave and stir it each time after heating.
Pour into the prepared pan and let it firm up.

Cut into pieces, and cover with plastic sheet.

Happy Cooking with LG SolarDOM: Caramel toffee


  1. I can't wait to give this a try! Looks so delicious!

  2. Thank you! I love how it makes a small batch.

  3. Help! I'm a baker in the US - do you know the conversions in ounces? I tried looking on a chart but it seems wrong. 200 ML is 6.78 ounces? and 8 og of sugar - is that supposed to be grams? 8 grams is only .281 ounces. Confused but would love to try this recipe! Thanks for your help!

  4. Hi, Creme de la cookie
    You can use this chart as a guide for converting the cup measurement into gram, it will be easier.



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