Monday, July 30, 2012

My little treasure: Mini Danboard version

 You know that I have a lot of books, and I bought many of them from ^^. My sister, who collects dolls as her hobby, couldn't stop herself from ordering this cute little robot for me.

ダンボー アマゾンボックスバージョン

"Oh!, Why this place has so many, many books, It's amazing, my eyes flashed, did I landed on a library. "
Well, can I call it a robot, haha, it's an's boxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Anyway, it's so cute and I think it's very suitable for me who have a lot of's boxes if I collected them, ^^.
"I have to look around, anyway I still can't find my way out of here, everywhere there are books, books and books."

"Oh!!!, I'm so tried now, well, I have to live here forever, with the books
that my friends carried. I think the scent of the books is warm and  makes me feel good too. It's not bad to be here."



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