Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jolly Jammers: Little treat from my delicious jam!

Making blog gives me many things, like something to do when I'm bored (and that's often, hehe), sharing some good (or even great) recipes with the people who love to bake and most of all "Friends". 

I have a lot of friends after making my blog and some of them are very kinds to me ^^. 
Like this time, I make this cookie from the Raspberry jam that I really love to eat but I couldn't find it in Thailand. After I talk about it in my Facebook page, I gooooooot it, haha, from one of my reader who went to Singapore and bring it back to me. "Thank you so much K'Jang"
And I have a problem, well, I have a delicious jam, I will eat the whole jar by myself (real soon, hehe), if I didn't turn it into something else that other people will enjoy it with me.
Then I saw a recipe "Jolly Jammers", actually, it's a love affair for me, cookies and jam, ^^, and I can't resist every time that I see this kind of recipe. 
The original recipe makes very big cookie, you will get about 10 cookies (compare to mine "25-30") from the same recipe but it's really up to you and your taste, because the more cookies you get it means you have to spend more time on rolling and cutting the dough. For me I love to have a small piece of cookie rather than a very big one (well, it's easy to enjoy it when it's small). So if you want to make a big cookie the baking time will be 15-20 minutes.
I use my dearest jam " Raspberry Seedless Jam" from Tiptree (you can see a photo, here), but you can use any brand and any jam that you like, it's your cookie, haha. You can enjoy this cookie with a cup of tea (my suggestion, ^^), coffee, or anything that you love to drink, because one thing that I'm sure is you will have a good time.

Jolly Jammers
Makes about 25-30 cookies/ 1.8inches

200g ................................ Butter*
100g ................................ Icing sugar
2 ....................................... Egg yolks 
1tsp .................................. Vanilla extract 
250g ................................. Plain flour , plus extra for rolling 
........................................... jam of your choice for the filling 
icing'sugar for dusting 
*If using unsalted butter add a pinch of salt

 Heat the oven to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3.

 Beat the butter, icing sugar, salt and egg yolks until thick and creamy, then add the vanilla extract and flour and beat until the mixture forms a dough. 

 Wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for at least 1hour. 
Roll out the dough onto a lightly floured surface and cut out 50-60rounds using a 2 inches cookie cutter. Cut a heart or other shape out of the centre of half of the rounds. Put them on trays lined with baking paper and bake for 14-16 minutes until golden brown. 
If they spread slightly and lose their shape, just re-cut them as they come out of the oven, while the biscuits are still warm. Allow to cool. 

Dust the heart cut-out rounds with icing sugar. 
Put the jam in microwavable bowl, and heat for 30 seconds.
To assemble, sandwich the whole rounds and heart cut-out rounds together with  jam.

Jolly Jammers: Little treat from my delicious jam!


  1. Wonderful and delicious... i think we can't ask better ;)


  2. So pleasing to the eyes and definitely pleasing to taste. Love it!

  3. Oh, you light my day up with these wonderful cookie pictures! I will try the recipe soon. Thanks a billion!

  4. Thank you for sharing this recipe, one favorite of the whole family. I'll try this over the weekend!

  5. Hi, I've been an avid reader of your blog since 2009 when I was searching for Apple Crumble recipe. You're a creative blogger and very informative too. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to reading and trying new recipes from you.

  6. Hi! I found out now your blog, I share your philosopy in the kitchen, I love cooking and also have ups and downs in the kitchen like everyone, I like your posts very much. And follow you. Have a nice day!

  7. Just made these, so easy and delicious.

  8. Hi there. Would like to check if you know why the dough will be too soft to be rolled out? When I took out from the fridge, it is too hard to roll. But after a while, the dough became too soft and sticky. :( Hope to get some help here. Thanks a million.

  9. Because the dough contains a lot of butter, so you will need to cut it while it still cool.
    Try rolling it between a sheet of baking paper, it will be easier.



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