Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicken Farm Baker's Project # 33 Thai delicious desserts :Kanom Piak Poon, Black coconut husks sweet pudding

I rarely make Thai desserts, both in my blog and in my life, not that I don’t like it but I always think that Thai desserts need a lot of understanding than other kinds of desserts.

 But for this month, I must do it as the host of the Chicken Farm Baker's Project told us to make Thai delicious desserts. I know that I can’t run away from it any more, haha. Actually I want to know how to make many kinds of desserts, or you can say that any kinds of dessert if I have a chance to do it ^^, it’s fun to learn new thing. 
I’m lucky enough that last month one of my friend Ball from kittscake just finished his training how to make traditional Thai desserts from Bangsai arts  and he posted his products (that he made in his class) on his facebook, and I saw one of the dessert that I want to make it for a long time “Kanom Piak Poon, Black coconut husks sweet pudding”. I really love this kind of dessert, if do it right, the smell of it is intoxicating and the texture is great, but I can’t find delicious one lately. Most of the desserts  in the market are the black colored one without the lovely smell.
So I ask him for the recipe ^^, and he’s kind enough to give me the recipe and the instruction, “Thank you so much, Ball”.
But I must admit that my Kanom Piak Poon needed a lot of improvement -*-, because it’s not as sticky as it should be, but the smell, I know that I love it !!! You can see that my how –to photos are little, well for Thai desserts, it’s not like baking, you can’t give exact time, all you need is “Sense”, just taste it and learn how to understand it, I can’t tell you how many cup of water that you will need, it will be more or less depend on the texture of the dessert that you want and the heat of your burner.
For the pan, if you’re in Thailand or you want to use the authentic one you will need brass pan that is a non-reactive pan, and great for making many kinds of dessert (because it’s non-reactive, the color of the ingredients won’t change). But a good quality Non-stick pan will be good for making this dessert too.
Note on Thai ingredients: Don’t worried about the blacken coconut husks as it’s the same as carbon that used in relieving the stomach ache, and helps to detoxify the body too.
For Red limestone paste is made from cockleshells that are baked to a high temperature to produce unslaked lime, to which water is added; it is then pounded into an edible paste. The Red limestone paste is one of Thai medicine too.

Kanom Piak Poon : Black coconut husks sweet pudding
Makes 2 pan (10x10 inches/ pan)

500ml ......................... darken coconut husks water.
2000ml ...................... red limestone paste water
500g .......................... Rice flour
200g .......................... cassava flour or Tapioca flour 
1200g ........................ palm sugar 
2000ml ..................... red limestone paste water, for adding when stirring the batter
For serving
finely shredded coconut meat
A dash of salt

Prepare the pan by brush 2 (10x10inches) pans with oil, set aside.

Burn the coconut husks until darken (you may need a lot of it as some of them will lost from burning).

Put the darken coconut husks with 800 ml of water into the blender bowl and blend until smooth.
Pour the water through double layers of cheesecloth, you will get a dark color water. You can use it now or if you want your Piak Poon to be very black (and has a lovely smell) use your finger to blend the black residue into the water again and strain it through double layers of cheesecloth, until you get the desired color. Keep 500ml of darken coconut husks water.

Make the red limestone paste water by mixing about 8tbsp of red limestone paste with 4500ml of water, stir to combine and let the let stand until the lime crystals sink to the bottom. Pour the clear liquid out, and keep 4000ml of red limestone paste water, divide the water into 2 parts, 2000ml each, set aside.

Place the pan over medium high heat and stir until thicken, the lower the heat to medium low and stir until you get a sticky paste. Taste the batter, if it’s not sticky enough, pour the reserved red limestone paste water (about 200-300ml per time), and stir until you got a soft but sticky paste.
Pour the hot batter into prepared pan and let the Kanom Piak Poon cool to room temperature before cutting it into pieces.

When ready to serve finely shred the coconut meat and mix it with a dash of salt.
Sprinkle the shredded coconut meat over the Kanom Piak Poon before serving.

Chicken Farm Baker's Project # 33 Thai delicious desserts :
Kanom Piak Poon, Black coconut husks sweet pudding


  1. So much work involved, a true labour of love.
    I'll watch out for this dessert if I ever visit Thailand, but I don't think I'll attempt to make this myself.

  2. I've never seen this before! It looks really good. A special sweet!

  3. I just spend the whole morning looking through your blog and wishing I had found it sooner! It's such an inspiration and I love that you're translating all my favourite Japanese desserts and Thai sweets into English. :)

  4. Interesting way of doing this unique desserts! I like your coconut shreder, the end results so fine & pretty long & thin shredded coconut meat.

  5. never thought that the black actually comes from the burnt coconut husks! this is really unique to get the black and its flavour!

  6. wow thats cool, i've never seen this dessert before but i do love coconuts!

  7. This looks amazing! Very exotic

  8. This is so unique! And I'm so jealous you have that traditional clay stove which I wish I have here in Melbourne!



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