Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dried Shrimp Cookies: Thai style savory cookies!

Dried shrimp is an simple ingredient in Thai cooking, salty and fragrance. This time, it turns into very addictive snack, the dried shrimp cookie. A little savory cookie for any party!

Actually, someone ask for this recipe, her child (who goes to study aboard) wants to make this cookie for a Christmas party. So, I had to rush into the kitchen and try this recipe as quick as I could.

The most importance thing is using the best dried shrimp that you can find, try it before buying (if you can), the good dried shrimp has to be lightly salty with a hint of sweetness, and not too small.

The cookie is salty sweet, and yes it's delicious and when you start the first one you just can't stop.
The party season is near, so try this if you have a chance, I know you will love it.

Dried Shrimp Cookies
Makes about 75 pieces

Dried shrimp
All purpose flour
Unsalted butter
½ tsp
Vanilla extract

A dash of salt

Preheat oven to 180°C
Line the baking sheet with baking paper or silpat.

Combine the flour and dried shrimp in a bowl, and put in the food processor, process until fine.
Set aside.
Beat the butter and sugar until blend, add a dash of salt (Note: you have to taste the shrimp first, if it's very salty, you might omit the salt here).
Put the egg into the bowl and beat until combine, then add the vanilla.
Pour the flour mixture into the bowl, mix with the spatula until combine.

Put the dough into the piping bag fit with 1 cm round nozzle.
Pipe the dough into 5cm small finger.
Bake the cookies for 12-15 minutes, or until golden brown.
Let the cookies cool on the wire rack.

Dried shrimp Cookies: Thai style savory cookies!


  1. I love dried shrimps in cooking but never thought it can be used to make cookies. Must try!

  2. Hi Pook,
    This is another wonderful one from you. My daughter was asking for savoury cookies and you just given me an idea. I will bake this for her. I can imagine how wonderful this will turn out to be. Fragrance from the dried doubt it will be a favourite for cookies lover.

    Btw, I tried out your cheese and Salami Twists. I substituted the salami with bacon and it will turned out soft and light and delicious! Thanks so much for sharing it. I have juz posted up on my blog.


  3. Hi Pook,
    I tried this recipe yesterday, and my my, it was really fantastic! Like you said, you really can't stop at one stick! It smells very fragrant when it is baking. The whole kitchen was filled with dried shrimp fishy smell. Hahaha! You know, our Chinese New Year is coming, I've been baking (sweet) cookies, I thought for a change, I'd like a savoury cookies and I tried this. I didn't regret at all!
    However, I realised that after baking, one side of the cookie is flat, while the other side is like a semi-circle. I cannot get the whole round shape like you do. What did I go wrong? Nonetheless, this recipe is definitely a keeper!! :)

  4. there are lots of dried shrimp in my country...i guess i have to try this recipe....coz i loooooove dried shrimp....:)

  5. hi,

    would like to check :

    if replace the dried shrimp with the fried ones.

    will it enhance the cookies better?

    love the aroma of the fried ones



  6. You can use the fried one too, but please make sure that it's dry (don't have a lot of oil)^^, well I love this idea too.

  7. do we need to soak the dried shrimps in water before use? :)

  8. No, you don't need to soak it before using.



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