Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicken Farm Bakers' Project #5: Let's Celebrate Finger Food Party

December is the month for party, Christmas and New year (and if you have a lot of friends the parties will be more, haha) This month, Chicken Farm Bakers' Project #5 is "Let's Celebrate Finger Food Party", so I will give you some idea for a party, ^ ^.

The theme of this month is "Finger food" which have only meaning that you don't need anything than your fingers to enjoy them, (and it will be great for the host to because you don't have to wash anything after a party, no fork or spoon).

I made three recipes for this time, one savory and two sweets. All of them can be prepared ahead, so no last minutes rush. The first is the bite size blueberry crumble, which is very easy to make and to eat too.

The second is mini strawberry savarin, which you can make the savarin bread two day before assemble. The last one is mini polenta muffins with prawns and dill mayonnaise, which can be prepared ahead too.

I think the party time is a good time for relaxation both for the hosts and the guests, so when you don't have to travel between the kitchen and the living room, the stress will be less.

Mini polenta muffins with prawns and dill mayonnaise

Bite size blueberry crumble

Mini Strawberry Savarin

I will post the recipe one by one and update the links here.

I hope you will enjoy this series of finger food as much as I had a lot of fun making it.

Chicken Farm Bakers' Project #5: Let's Celebrate Finger Food Party


  1. Oh! Can't wait to see more :) They looked v yummy! :)

  2. What a beautiful display of finger food. I can't wait for you to post the recipe especially the Mini Strawberry Savarin. Looking foward to try it out.

  3. Hi, clarii
    Thank you.

    Hi, Icook4Fun
    Haha, please waiting for tomorrow, I still typing it right now, ^ ^.



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