Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chicken Farm Bakers’ Project # 4: Christmas Cookie: Romias au chocolate et vanilla

This month chicken farm bakers’ project # 4, the host (P’Ta), wanted everyone to bake some cookies for giving. The theme is the cookies which are good enough for giving and sending a word “Holiday” to everyone. I had to think about all the recipes which I have and wonder which one is the right one. But in the end I couldn’t find it. It’s not easy to please everyone with one kind of cookie, not everyone loves the same thing. So, I end up having 2 recipes, Romias au chocolate and Romias au vanilla. Both of them are easily to make (and quite fun too).

I choose to make both recipes because I believe that not everyone fancy chocolate but there are chocoholics too, so I give them what they want. The vanilla one is fragrance and lovely, when you look closer you can see freckles of vanilla bean all over the cookies. The chocolate one is quite intense (but not too much), the taste is not so sweet and the chocolate is getting along so well with the toffee.
The cookie dough comes with an almond toffee in the middle. The cookies can be prepared ahead so it’s good when the time is tight.
Even they are the same type of cookies (with different flavor), I got the recipes from different books. The chocolate one is coming from  .............. (If you remember, I bought almost every books from her, and I found out that many of them content the same recipes but I like them any way, haha).
Anyway I post the recipes separately so they won’t be too long to look at.
To see the :
Romias au vanilla, vanilla butter cookie with almond toffee
, click here

To see the :
Romias au chocolate, chocolate butter cookie with almond toffee, click here

Chicken Farm Bakers’ Project # 4: Christmas Cookie: Romias au chocolate et vanilla

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