Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lemon and Vanilla Pound Cake: Simple delicious treat !

I found one solution in my life, pound cake is the answer when you don't know what to bake, haha. Actually it happened when I baked about 3 batches of chocolate cupcakes (don't ask me which recipe that I use, I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN !), and all of them were nightmare. I tried everything which I thought, adjust the heat the flour and then finally I had to accept that this recipe had to put back in the shelf (it's a goodbye time, ^ ^", so sad for me, this book is very lovely).

So, I had to find something to brighten me up after the failure and the pound cake came to my mind. I never had a problem with this kind of cake, it's a foolproof for me.
I choose the simple recipe but add a little twist. The lemon pound cake is my choice but I wanted a lot of fragrance to brighten me up, so here come the vanilla. In the original recipe, there is only the lemon zest that give the cake a lemon fragrance but I add the lemon juice to bring a little tangy taste to the cake.
The simple trick of put the cake bake in the oven after glazing with the icing is great too (I never done it before, haha). The glaze will dry and stick to the cake better.
Well, I might have a lot of recipe testing failure but I have some peace of mind, I know that pound cake never let me down.

Lemon and Vanilla Pound Cake
Makes 18 X 8X 6 cm cake

100 g
Unsalted butter
90 g
Icing sugar
100 g
Cake flour
20 cc
Whipping cream
1 tsp
Lemon juice
Baking powder
A pinch of salt
bean from half pod of vanilla
zest from half of lemon
Apricot glaze
50 g
apricot preserves

Icing glaze
100 g
Icing sugar
10 cc
15 cc

Line the baking paper in the pan, set aside.
Preheat oven to 170°C.

Scrap the beans from the vanilla pod and put them into the sifted icing sugar.
Sift together flour with baking powder, set aside.

Beat together butter and the icing sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer at medium-high speed until pale and fluffy. Add the lemon zest and beat to combine. Add egg in thin stream, beating well. Add half of the flour mixture then add the cream and lemon juice milk, beating well.
Add the rest of the flour mixture fold to combine.
Pour batter into prepared pan
Place pan in the oven. Bake until golden and a wooden pick or skewer inserted in middle of cake comes out with a few crumbs adhering, about 40 minutes.
Take the cake out of the oven and place it on the wire rack until cool completely.

Finishing touch
Preheat the oven to 220°C.
Make the Apricot Glaze:

Heat the apricot preserves in a small saucepan over medium heat until liquid. Remove from heat and strain the jam through a fine strainer to remove any fruit lumps.
Brush the cake with the glaze, then let the cake dry slightly.

Make the Icing Glaze:

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth.
Brush the cake with the icing, then put the cake on a wire rack that place over the baking sheet.
Put the cake in the oven for 2 minutes.
Take the cake out of the oven and place it on the wire rack until cool completely.

Lemon and Vanilla Pound Cake: Simple delicious treat!


  1. Hey,

    Never bake a pound cake b4, yours looks yummy, i've copied down the recipe, will bake one of these day,thanks.

  2. My sister tried to make this before and she said it is really delicious. Would like to try this out on a large 11"x15" cake. After all the calculations, it needed 7.5 times of the recipe. Do you think it is too much or just right?


  3. Hi, I love this recipe, but I am a student and I am trying to sort of cut down costs a little. Is there a replacement for the rum? I have loads of really good quality vanilla extract at home, would it be possible to mix up something with that, and how would I do it? Or do you really think the rum is essential to making this the delicious cake it seems to be, if so, I'll splash out eheh. Michelle

  4. Hi, Micha
    You can use vanilla extract instead of rum in this recipe ^^.

  5. Hi dailydelicious,

    Just wonder if I can replace vanilla beans with vanilla bean paste. If yes, how much shoulld I use???

    Thanks in advance,
    Ai Ling

  6. You will need 1/2tsp of the paste ^^

  7. Do u know where can I buy poppy seed in Bangkok.

  8. You can bought it at Villa supermarket ^^.

  9. I bought it today. Thanks so much dear

  10. Thank u very much for this info. Happy.



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