Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hand knead bread making - How to

Put the flour, the sugar and yeast in a bowl, whisk to combine, add and salt whisk again. Pour the liquids mixture into the bowl.

Use large spoon (or pastry scraper) to mix everything together, and knead briefly to bring all the ingredients together.

Take the dough out of the bowl and knead, you will see the dough will be elastic after about 2 minutes.

Add the butter and knead by using the heel of your hands to compress and push the dough away from you, then fold it back over itself. Give the dough a little turn and repeat. Put the weight of your body into the motion and get into a rhythm. Keep folding over and compressing the dough. Knead for 10-15 minutes (up to your strength and up to the recipe) or until the dough is soft, pliable, smooth and slightly shiny, almost satiny.

Or you can also try stretching part of the dough, if it can stretch into a thin sheet without breaking, you've kneaded enough.

Or you can try by touching the dough and count to 10, if there is nothing stick to you hand, the dough is ready to rise.


  1. Hi Pook

    i really love your blog because it's totally helpful :D

    i've baked bread several times but the bread texture is not soft, sometimes it's too dry even though i tried your recipe. When kneading the dough i can't do as you do in your picture here :( the dough is smooth and soft but it's not satiny :( and it can't stretch into a thin sheet :( it breaks into pieces :( please help me

    thank you in advance and im looking forward to your reply


  2. Hi, Anna
    Sorry to answer you so late.
    About the bread you can try adding more liquid, exp. 1-2 tbsp water it will bring the flour together.

  3. I hate to say it but this is definitely not the way to knead bread and no baker in France for example would ever do it this way. Bread should have air added into it not pushed out of it as this method surely does. I am forever showing people in my classes that this is the wrong way.

  4. Hi, Stephen
    Thank you for your opinion ^^.

    Actually I think we talk about different thing, kneading bread is not the same for every recipes.

    Mostly my bread recipes are sweet type breads (most of them come from Japanese cookbook), and by using this method, my bread comes out of the oven with good texture. With less liquid than European bread, folding (the method that you talking about) can't be used.

    BTW, your blog and your photos are great.


  5. Hi..dd, I really love your's really helpful and full of yumny recipe and amazing pics. Thanks for sharing ;)

  6. Hi..dd....I really love to eat a sweet bread with sweet coconut filling...a sweet childhood memory. And so far I havent found a good coconut filling recipe. I wonfer if you can show all of coconut fan how to make the sweet coconut filling. Thanks in advance

  7. Hi,thanks for the recipe.I really enjoy the yummy :)

  8. Hi...dd, I made a sweet coconut loaf with your sausage cheese dough recipe, it was the best loaf I have ever made. It rise so high and the texture of bread is so soft and wonderful. It is the best sweet loaf ever. Oh.. and I also hand kneed to feel the dough :)



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