Wednesday, December 26, 2007

daily delicious life

Good things don’t have to come with a luxury tag, I hope you agree with me. Going out, is the time that I will update about the food and sweet in the market (mostly, I cook and bake at home than eating out) and this is my little good thing. I like the day that I can spend a lot of time looking at the lovely windows display of shops and café, even don’t taste or buy anything, beautiful decoration of food, sweet or pastry, always bring a lot of inspiration for the home cook like me.

But, today I found new favorite, from the Starbucks Coffee, the “Almond Long” – Crispy sticks of caramelized almond cookie. This cookie is very delicious, crispy and lightly sweet. But this is not for advertising, I just show you this one and hoping that I can make it by myself. So today, let me enjoy it, while searching my cookbooks for the recipe. And I will let you know when I ready to make it.

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