Wednesday, December 5, 2007


By Lisa Yocklson

Baking by Flavor” is the first introduction for me to know Lisa Yocklson (I will tell you about it later because it’s not as beautiful as this one, but full of information and recipes. You can see that I love beautiful cookbook even I don’t know what inside, I always take them home, but lucky me, most of them turn out well when I have a chance to test the recipe). This book is “very beautiful” it’s my first impression and I already have her book, so I think that I can trust her.

At first I want to write down the contents of the book, but it’s so long and you may feel like read the index of some book, so I will make it short. This book is all about the chocolate as the name, the techniques to treat it right (because chocolate is so tricky, too much heat or moisture can ruin it), the flavor, brand of each kind of chocolate, where to buy it (about 15 pages on this information) and the additional ingredients that make chocolate more delicious. Then follow by the long list of 200+ recipes, start by brownies, cake, layers cake, bread, pancakes, cookies, chocolate with other things like nut, toffee, oh, and much more. Most of the recipe has a beautiful photo with it.

If you are the people who only want a recipe you will feel it’s too much, but this book is good for people who love information, a lot of it, the author includes all the information that she know and test (even the brands of the butter that will make chocolate taste better), this is her writing style. I like this book, for the information and beauty, and for my own reason, I really love chocolate.

Picture from ChocolateChocolate

Update 11/12/2007 recipe test: CHOCOLATE CHIP SAND COOKIES

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