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Travel with dailydelicious: Hong Kong, City of food, part 1

When Matsumiyasan asked me "I will hold a Chinese tea party to celebrate La melangee (Matsumiyasan's Tea shop) 30 year anniversary in Hong Kong on 9th of September, do you want to come?"   And you know that my answer was "Yes" , haha.

 The last time that I went to Hong Kong was about 10 years ago, and I was so exited. As my flight was very early in the morning we (well, this time I went there with my Mon, my niece and my friend), decided to stay at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi for one night.

The bed is huge ^^, and it's very close to the airport.

You can walk to air port (about 8-10 minutes depends on your speed) or use shuttle bus, it's very convenient.

The next morning, we waked up at 4.30 am, and walked to the airport.

It's time for our breakfast, as my head was still in sleeping mode -*-, we chose Dean&Deluca, and I had my first cup of latte.

With ham and cheese sandwich (the english muffin was not good, but ham and cheese was delicious).

 After 2.30 hours flight, we arrived at Hong Kong international airport.

Immigration process was so quick ^^, and after 30 minutes we were ready to explore the city, but first we had to go to the city, haha. 

The airport is far from the city, you can use train, bus or taxi. We chose Taxi, as it easier and with 4 people the fare was not too expensive. 

Plus they allow you to put a lot of luggage into one small taxi, haha.

We stayed at The Otto hotel, a small hotel that close to MRT station. 

The OTTO Hotel
8 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

 The entrance of the hotel is very small, the room is small too, but beside from that everything was great, the staffs were so helpful, and yes, I love this place.

 And now it's time for stating our eating trip.

With 15-20 minutes walk, if we didn't lost, ^^" (we spent about half an hour or more),  we walked to Harbour City.

Salted Caramel Mille Crepe $75

Our destination was Lady M, famous bakery from New York (I ate at New Yolk too, and it's delicious!). 

Royal Milk Tea Mousse

 I'm so happy that everything were YUMMY!!!!!! 

Paper thin crepe, melt in your mouth cream, the balance of bitter and sweetness from caramel, I fall in love with Lady M again!

After filling our body with load of cream (and more caffeine), we walked back to the hotel to take a rest and prepare for our dinner.

One of my mission was to eat food like local, so we asked the staff at the hotel about where we could get delicious meal, local style.
And he told us to go to Temple Street Night Market.
With 15 minutes walk, we came to Ning Po street.

 There were many restaurants that welcome tourist, they had english menu, and talked to us in english, but we kept walking until we reached the place name "東記海鮮火鍋特式小炒" I tried using google translate and the name from translation is "Dong Kee Seafood Hot Pot Special Stir Fry"

No english menu, and no one spoke to us in english, ^^", but we still had our finger to point at the photo, haha, and luckily, some Kanji could help.

The most funny moment was when my friend wanted to eat razor clam, we tried to ask the owner about it. So he took us to the market (next to his shop), and pointed at each bowl that filled with fresh sea food, shrimp, fish, clam, abalone and etc., but there were no razor clam! After he pointed at the bowl, we shook our heads, and suddenly, the seller threw away the small bowl, with a loud BANG! soundtrack, when he pointed at the next bowl we said yes, (we didn't want to stay there any longer, even the seller smiled). And run back to the table, haha.

 It turned out that fresh abalone was the one that we chose, and it's very, very fresh and delicious.

And one of the dish that I couldn't stop eating was pork belly braised with vegetable, the fat was sweet and soft, it's so delicious!
With load of food in my stomach, I went to sleep happily, dreamed of more food, hehe.

The next morning, we waked up and went to:
Hung Lee Restaurant
2 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

We came here to have Chinese style breakfast: Congee

Deep Fried Flour Snack
This restaurant is very famous for Thai people, ^^ as you can see that they wrote in Thai too, hehe.

And by the time that we arrived at the restaurant, there were a lot of Thai too.

The congee was thick, and not too salty, the meat balls were great. Luckily that Deep Fried Flour Snack (or Youtiao) was delicious too. 

And the vegetable was fresh and crunchy. We finished our breakfast with happiness, before going to do some souvenir shopping and looking forward for more delicious meal. 

It's time for our first cup of coffee so we went to Star ferry Pier.

Our destination was "% Arabica Hong Kong Star Ferry".

If you love coffee, you may hear about this cafe before but if you don't know about this cafe and you love coffee, I really hope you try their coffee, it's rich in taste and aroma.

And now it's time for food, to tell you the truth, I didn't have a chance to feel hungry in Hong Kong, haha.
We went to Chef Stage de Eddy Chu, that we already booked for our lunch.

We ordered lunch set menu, the cost was around $128-178 depended on what you choose for the main course. The lunch set menu contained, salad, soup, main, dessert and coffee or tea.

The food was great, with fresh seafood, and delicious steak ^^.

Corn soup

Grilled racks of Lamb

King Prawn fish fillet, rib eye & Iberico Pork

Whole Fresh catch of the day

Grilled rib Eye steak

The food was very good, but the dessert was disappointing, ^^" so we ended our meal without finished our dessert (so we could save room for more delicious food).

And now, it's time for us to go to our main event, La melangee (Matsumiyasan's Tea shop) 30 year anniversary at Lockcha Tea house at Tai Kwun.

It's Chinese Tea party, in sophisticated tea house.

I love that they served lovely fragrance Chinese tea (with a short instruction of how to brew it), with small plate of dim sum.

The most important thing was, I had new friends, and that was the reason why I love to travel, to know more people and visit many places, ^^.
Tai Kwun is a new heritage center for Heritage and Arts, actually I wish I had time to enjoy this place  anyway, I will come here again next time.

From the center, we came back to Kawloon where we stayed. And It's time for our dinner.
Not far from the hotel, I saw a small shop that had a long queue, and I told my mom that I wanted to try it.

This place called Block 18 Doggie's Noodle (十八座狗仔粉), and I learnt later that one of the branch (Ning Po street branch) has been one of the recommended street food stall under Michelin Guide Hong Kong of 2017.

What is doggie noodles! Of course, it's not dog meat, haha. Doggie's Noodle, is thick and short rice noodles that resemble a dog's tail, served in rich and tasty soup.

We waited for 10 minutes, and now it's our turn. To eat in, you must pay at least $20 per person, so I ordered many items to reach that amount.

The doggie noodles was delicious, but the dish that I like most was hot&spicy fish balls, with spicy taste you can't stop eating it.

We paid $65 for this meal, and came back to the hotel.

When I's about to take a bath, my friend came back from her shopping, and she told me that she wanted to try 成城 Fruitier Seijo Fruitier.

It's not far from the hotel, so I agreed to go with her.
This shop use cream and dairy product from Japan, and I have to admit that the mousse was very delicious.

But if you came for special fruits, it's just normal, as they use fruits the same brand that you can buy from super market.

We ended our first 2 days in Hong Kong by walking around the Nathan road to pay for what we ate, haha, as tomorrow there were more delicious thing to enjoy!

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