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Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day one, Happy brunch with Doraemon, and nobody (else) train

"We will go to Hokkaido", My sister said, as my niece was on vacation, it's time for us to traveling together. And my target was to take a load photos of Hokkaido in Autumn.

After a lot of planing and booking, we're ready to go. Because we wanted to have more time in Japan, we chose to take night fight, so we're ready to enjoy our next morning in Hokkaido.

What's better than having good time with Doraemon in the morning, hehe. We arrived at New Chitose Airport, and after passing all the process, we're ready to go to Doraemon Wakuwaku Sky Park (ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク)
(〒066-0012 Hokkaidō, Chitose-shi, Bibi, 新千歳空港旅客ターミナルビル 連絡施設)

The fee is ¥600 (you will get this cute ticket).

And if you want to get this stamp book, you have to pay 500¥ more. 

This is Nobita's room.
Inside the Doraemon Wakuwaku Sky Park, it's Doraemon's world. If you love Doraemon, you will be very, very and very happy like me, everything is so cute.

Doraemon and his friends
There are mini games to play (anyway, it's suitable for children than grown up, but you can play, and have fun with it, if you want).

Do you remember them?
Some of Doraemon's gadgets are showed here, well I don't think they're really work, haha.

Shizuka, the sweetest girl
It's fun to look around and think about the time when I read the manga, and watched the Anime, the scene and the characters become real to me.

Suneo's playing here.

Walking around (in fact it's quite small), taking photos, and playing mini game, you need about 1 hour (or less if you don't accompany by a child).

Me and Super Cute, and super soft Doraemon
And you will have a chance to take a photo with Doraemon (I forgot to ask him for some gadget, haha). He's so cute and very soft, felt good to hug!

After having a lot of fun, we're hungry, and our plan was to eat at Doraemon cafe.

Chocolate Latte ¥480
You can order food set with drink (add ¥300 and you can choose any drink from the list excluded Beer).

Doraemon's everywhere.
I ordered Juicy hamburger steak in pita bread(ジューシーハンバーグドラえもんピタサンド)¥550, with Chocolate Latte.

Doraemon Teiyaki (ドラえもんたい焼き)
And don't forget to order Doraemon Teiyaki (ドラえもんたい焼き)¥250, it's so cute that you don't know where to eat them first (I tear off the head first, haha).

My sister ordered Hamburger steak Doraemon Dog  (ハンバーグドラえもんドッグ)¥550, with Caramel Latte ¥480. 

My niece got this, Rich flavored rice casserole with meat ( 旨味たっぷりミートドリア) ¥1000.

And she chose strawberry milk (いちごミルク)¥450.

The foods were quite good, well, after a long fight and a lot of playing, resting here was a great idea for us. And now we're ready for our adventure.

But wait!!!!, before that, let's shopping at Doraemon shop, where I wanted to buy everything, ^^.

And if you're thirsty, I suggest Doraemon water, the bottle is very cute, that I couldn't help but taking back home as a souvenir, plus my niece said that the water is delicious, but you have to taste it b y yourself.

In New Chitose JR station 
Before taking a train to our destination (Obihiro 帯広) we had to (or wanted to) buy bento, that we could enjoy it on a train (we had to be on the train for 2 hours). 
I bought 2 boxes of bento from 北の弁当工房 かな (Kita no bentou koubou KANA) and went to buy the ticket.

After this was one of the most hectic moment in this trip!!!

As Obihiro is far from here and we needed 2 hours on the train to get there, when I went to buy the ticket, the staff told me that we must take the next train which will come in 10 minutes and after paying for the ticket, he turned to me and said "RUN" -*-
Because 10 minutes was including taking train from here to Minami-Chitose Station and took another train to Obihiro.
Imagine, 2 women, 1 child (7 years old), and 5 suitcases, we ran and ran, until we got into a first train to go to Minami-Chitose Station then switched to Super Ozora train to get to Obihiro and please note that it's our first time in Hokkaido, haha.

But after jumping into the Super Ozora train, it's another story, there was nobody else on the train but 3 of us.

Because I bought reserved seat (指定席)we looked for the cars that printed on our ticket, but we're too tired to move so we decided to sit in the car that we jumped into. And waiting for the train staff to guide us to our seat or ask him for a permission to sit here as it's car for reserved seat too.

And after 5 minutes or less, a young staff walked into the car, and I asked him whether we could sit here or we needed to move. He smiled and said that we could sit here as it took long time to get to our destination.
Now, after running, we rested quietly, happily, and enjoy our train, hehe (there was no other people only the staff came passing through the car from times to times).

So, we're ready to enjoy our bento.

Both of them were delicious, the sea food were fresh but I forgot to take note on name and price of them, as we asked the shop staff to pick the most delicious (and popular) bento for us.

After eating, now I could sit and enjoy the scenery. Beautiful mountain, autumn leaves, they're so beautiful.

I was busy watching everything ^^, and before I knew we reached our destination Obihiro station (帯広駅).

But there was a little problem that waited for us.
As I told you that we had to run, and run, my niece forgot to take the first ticket from the machine (we needed 2 tickets) and the staff at the station, asked for it. Luckily, I remembered that I had a receipt with me, so I showed him that we already paid for all the tickets, and after calculating the price from the receipt,  he let us pass.
We walked from the station to the hotel 
Area One Obihiro Hotel (ホテルエリアワン帯広)
5 Chome-10 Nishi 2 Jōminami, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaidō 080-0012

+81 155-22-8111
To tell you the truth, this hotel is not new, or very beautiful, but the staffs, all of them are very eagerly to help, and the room is spacious. I had a very good time here (but the elevator is really small).

Now it's time for Obihiro's famous food "Pork bowl" (豚丼)

Before arriving I chose Ponchou (ぱんちょう ) and looked forward to enjoy the dish, but when we reached the restaurant, we saw 休みの日 (holiday), so we had to search for another place.

We went to our N0.2 choice, 豚丼のぶたはげ 本店 (butadon no butahage honten), which is located next to the Jr station.

After a long queue  ^^", we got our seats.
And what's better than a glass of beer when you're super tired.

We ordered 3 Obihiro famouse pork bowl four pieces (帯広名物 豚丼 四枚 ) ¥920

The pork bowl was delicious, charcoal grilled juicy and fatty pork meat with sweet and salty sauce on cooked rice.

It came with soup (味噌碗)and pickled (お新香付).

It's so delicious that we had to order more pork, and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to make it at home.
Stoping at convenient store to buy some water and milk, we walked back to the hotel,  the cold wind passed us by and we're ready to rest and start our journey again tomorrow. The first driving tour for us was waiting.

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