Friday, December 14, 2012

Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bars: Special gift for someone special.

 I can't live without chocolate, I love all of it, the smell, the taste, the texture or even the look of it.

I fall in love with a shine of it, it makes me happy each time that I see it ^^, and because of it I fall in love with working with the chocolate too.
Chocolate bar was something that I wanted to make. It might be crazy for someone , "Why do we need to make the chocolate bars by ourselves, when there are a lot of them in the market?" My answering is I can choose what I want to put in, hehe, the taste of the chocolate, white, milk or dark, the percentage, the brand of the chocolate, or the flavors and nuts, the possibility is endless. 
So, it's a matter of taste, (and craziness, haha), that made me get up and crate my own chocolate bar. Actually I really want to make with dark chocolate instead, but because my niece enjoyed milk chocolate while I was preparing the filling (she ate from the bag, haha), I thought she will love this chocolate bar if it made from the milk chocolate too.
When I started playing with chocolate I didn't know that the chocolate will come out easily if it well tempered, so I believe that silicone mold will help in taking out the finished chocolate. 
But today I use plastic chocolate mold, actually if you do it right, the chocolate will shrink and come out of the mold easily. I think it's better than silicone mold, less messy and more durable. Anyway, I have a lot of both kinds, ^^" so I still have to use both of them, haha.
The chocolate bar can be wrapped and keep for many months, but I think it won't last that long.

Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bars 
Make 2 (17x8 cm bar)

100g ............................... Peanut butter, smooth
100g ............................... Milk chocolate, for filling
250-300g ...................... Milk chocolate, for shelling

For the filling:
Tempering the milk chocolate following the method below.
 Warm the peanut butter by put in the bowl and place the bowl over a bowl of hot water until 31 °C and mix with the tempered milk chocolate until combine. Pour into the piping bag.

Tempering the chocolate for making shell:
Boil a pan of water, then let it cool to 60-65°C
Put 2/3 of the chocolate in a bowl and place the bowl over the hot water (don't let the water touch the bowl), stir until the chocolate melt and the temperature of the chocolate is 40°C

Take the bowl off the pan and put the rest of chocolate (a little at a time, you might not use all the chocolate) into the bowl and stir until all of them melt, the  temperature should be about 26°C. (If the chocolate won't melt completely, use a hair dryer to melt it).
Place the bowl back over the hot water pan again and stir until the temperature is 29°C. Keep the chocolate at this temperature, the chocolate is ready to use.

Pour the chocolate into the mold, rotate to cover all the molds. Tap the mold to release the air that trapped inside.

 Turn the mold upside down, to release the chocolate.
Let the chocolate cool, (you can put the mold in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to speed up the process).
When the chocolate is harden pipe the peanut butter filling into the chocolate shells. 
Cover with another layer of tempered chocolate. Then let the chocolate cool, (you can put the mold in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to speed up the process).
The chocolate will shrink and you can take it out of the molds easily.

Ready to be wrapped and given 

 Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bars: 
Special gift for someone special.


  1. Oh dear, you make is so perfect. Nice to be a X'mas gift. I love chocolate too.

  2. Really love it. A beautiful gìt. Thanks for your post.

  3. Hi, Ailay
    Thank you ^^

    Hi, Anzerin
    Thank you, I think it will be a perfect gift.

    Hi, Hanoi_autumn
    It's my pleasure !! Hope you enjoy it.

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