Thursday, March 22, 2012

Important Change in my blog

I got a notice about the copyright of the recipes that I used in my blog, the publisher told me that even I made a change or any adaptation, it's still their recipe, and I have no right to use them.
To prevent future legal problem, I will stop putting the credit for the books that I use.
I have to say that I'm really sorry about this because each time that I write about the book and the recipe I write with respect and I always tell my readers to buy the books, and there are many people who bought the books after reading my review of the recipe in my blog. 
But don't worry I won't stop posting, it's one of the happiest thing that I ever done, hehe.
As I said, if any publisher don't mind about my review of the recipe and the books, please inform me, I will put the credit on each recipe that I use ^^.

PS. If you want to know about the book that I use, pleas write me an e-mail I will be happy to inform you.

Pook, dailydelicious


  1. Next time you can come out with your own cookbook, i will sure buy !glad you are continue to sharing, keep up the good work!

  2. Totally agree with sonia, u shud publish ur own cookbook ;-) i love ur blog so mch, will support u no matter what, keep up the good work! btw, love all ur pics here :-)

  3. Hi, Sonia
    Thank you ^^, I hope it will be sooooon, hehe.

    Hi, ijayuji
    Thank you, I will keep on posting,I'm so happy that you love my blog.

  4. This is ridiculous! U hv been nothing more than respectful and giving the author/book proper creditation, and if u made any adaptations, u also mention it accordingly. What is wrong with them?! It is free publicity for them and they just don't appreciate it. I am sure yr readers will always support u! Yr blog is simply beautiful!

  5. Don't worry. I'm always here to support you :)

  6. i agree with vb38 - you give credit all the time and it's free publicity for them! luckily you are continuing to post :) will support you and can't wait for your next creation!

  7. i agree with vb38 - you give credit all the time and it's free publicity for them! luckily you are continuing to post :) will support you and can't wait for your next creation!

  8. Hi, vb38
    Thank you!
    I always believe that I did the right thing, but it turned out to be wrong, and I have no choice now.

    Hi, Ann
    Thank you ^^

    Hi, Janine
    Thank you, I will continue posting good recipe, that all of you will love!

  9. I agree with vb38 and Janine. I love reading your blog, I too, will support you :)

  10. Hi Pook, perhaps you can share with us which book/publisher that has contacted you. That would alert fellow bloggers as well on this issue.


  11. Having just discovered your blog 2 days ago, (I absolutely love all of it....and respect the countless hours and care that you put into it), I am saddened by how this notice must have made you feel you transgressed in some way. As a photographer who's images are often shared online without permission, I have never had issues if I received credit. It was free advertising. Must be a paranoid publisher. I appreciated the information about the books and like others have said, you do with such respect. Congratulations on a beautiful blog. I appreciate your sharing and work immensely.

  12. Hi Pook, your blog is my daily diary. please do not stop posting. Let me know if someday you pulish your own book. Keep up your great talent on baking.

  13. Your blog is amazing and just wonderful. I found so many excellent cookbooks thanks to your sharing all the information. Too bad that the legal system works like that, but I think the publishers should be grateful for such advertisement and your honest recommendations and nice words. I guess I wouldn't have bought most without you writing about their excellent recipes.

  14. Totally agree with vb38! I always think we should put credit for the book we use to respect the author/publisher. How come it's the other way? Anyway, do continue posting the great recipes! :)

  15. There has been a few impulse buys whenever I see a blogger doing a beautiful cake from a certain book.
    These people don't know how much you are doing for them.

    Yeah, let us know which publisher that was ..

  16. Hi, yummylittlecooks
    Thank you.

    Hi, Alan (travellingfoodies)
    Actually I really don't want to tell you but as you said there will be more case if I don't give any warning. So, don't use Dan Lepard's recipe in your blog, that's all I can tell you.

    Hi,Dolores Neilson
    Thank you, I always believe that I did the right thing by give them the credit that they should have ^^. Don't know that it will turn out this way.

    Hi, lyly
    Thank you for your supporting ^^.

    Hi, karupin
    I receive many comment about buying more cookbooks because of me ^^, but sadly, the publisher won't never have a chance to hear it.

    Hi, Small Small Baker
    Thank you, I never thought that it will turn out like this too.

    Hi, WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more
    Haha, I always want to buy more books each time that some people told me that it's great too. Anyway I already wrote the name, you can see in my reply above. I don't want to have more problems but if you ask me I feel really bad because all the time that I talk about him and his books I definitely love it. But I can't talk about it anymore.

  17. Hye Pook,

    Actually the publisher should be paying you of all credits made. Such looser!!! Anyway, I really love all your creations here, really inspire me into cooking.

    The photos - luv it all, too!!

    Regards - Shema

  18. I am one of your silent fans who read every entry of your blog and bought a few books that you have written about. I am sad that the publisher did not recognise this as free ad.

  19. hi,i am here to support u!love ur blog and ur sharing too:)

  20. Hi, Shema
    Thank you ^^

    Hi, Kym Kym
    Haha, I wish that they know about that, many people buying book after they try some recipe.

    Hi, Little Ghost
    Thank you.

  21. I enjoy food & cooking and most of all enjoy your blogs & experiments with cooking/baking. Thanks for continously sharing good tasty recipes! Keep it up!

    Allan - London

  22. HI!
    Your blog is wonderful and inspires me to radu.Jako I am sad because of the inconvenience they caused you. I follow your work secretly but now I want to give you support and why you are writing. persevere in their work and hope that we will know when you publish a book. greeting

  23. They're just jealous. If they didn't publish the book for people to appreciate, use, and share recipes then what did they publish it for?
    Thanks for the information & warning.
    You did the right thing by crediting the sources & making them famous; too bad they won't get a mention here onward = lower book sales. How sad.

    You're doing a great job. Keep going!

  24. hi. please don't give up. i like ur blog so much.

  25. It's not helpful or respectful to take someone else's recipe from their book and publish it on your blog without permission. You may think it's just one recipe, but when many bloggers take one each, the whole book is soon given away and that is not acceptable.

    You can still write about your baking and show your own photos, and either just name the book the recipe is from, or if the author of the book has put some of their recipes online, send readers to the author's site. But it's not "free advertising" when you cut & paste the recipe onto your blog, and it is not welcome.

    Just as you could not publish a cookbook full of recipes which you had copied from other people, so you shouldn't put their work on your blog without permission! It's fine to give your own recipes away ont he internet, not good to give away someone else's work.

  26. Hi, lily
    Thank you

    Hi, Nisha
    Thank you

    Hi, Rui Ying
    Thank you

    Hi, ohgoshandbother
    Thank you for your opinion ^^. Actually you sound like the one who wrote me that e-mail.
    There are some point that I can't understand right now, I know that it won't be good to give away other people's recipes, but one's recipe means that they are exactly the same recipes, same ingredients or even someone make some changes it’s still be his or her recipe. If you accept that, the one who made the first of any recipes will be the one to hold the right of the recipe, not even the people who change it into new recipe, right? Actually most of the recipe that I share on my blog will be adapt to suit my taste and my ingredients, and mostly I didn’t cut & paste the recipe in my blog. I made it by myself and adapt it but in the end I still told the people the original source of the recipe or even where the idea from, because I think that I wanted to give the respect. But after this incident, it will be better for me to stop talking about the original source, because I don’t just copy it and put it in my blog, anyway.

  27. I think ohgoshandbother is the one who's never really read the content of your blog but only assume that you just copy all the recipe from the books that you write about. Such a loser.

  28. Pook, not only your blog that ohgoshandbother or the publisher haven't read. I think they not even read the book that they published or claimed. They can't tell the differences between the recipe. The only thing that is the same is name of the recipe not the detail. These people usually think they are smart to accuse someone like this but actually they aren't.

  29. Hi Pook, thanks for sharing that name. Its banned from my list of cookbook authors to look out for now. I'd checked out his recipes and they look kinda run-in-the-mill anyway. So not that fab afterall. And the name David Whitehouse is banned to for being anal retentive. :)

    Just follow your heart and do what you feel is right. you have a lovely blog and you have a lovely audience who appreciates what you are doing.

  30. Hi, Anonymous
    Thank you, I know that he never read my blog or even know me at all, so he has no right to criticize me too.

    Hi, Parinya
    Thank you, ^^.

    Hi, Alan
    Haha, you got all the names and yes he's the one who wrote me that e-mail. Now I believe that I'm lucky because after this case I know that many people support me for what I do with my heart.
    Thank you Alan, I really appreciate your comment.

  31. The more you give the more you get...this is very TRUE...

    I don't believe in the idea that the whole book will be given away for free on the Internet when many blogger take one of each and publish on their blogs. This is rediculious!!

    The way social network acts is to share with love. We try and test by ourselves and we share on our blogs. True friendship happens among bloggers.

    People who try to get every single recipe from a book from the Internet must have lots of free time and may be a bit insane :P

    I am not gonna mention about money because it's not about how rich or poor you are. If you love about something, you will be willing to collect every penny to pay for it.

    Word of mouth is more trustful than the "foreword" on the book cover.You guys only say good (and not even have tried any single recipe).

    What Pook has done so far is not free ads but is to share her true love to people who care!!!

  32. You know, a lot of comments here talk about love and sharing but then go on to use bad and insulting words, that's really short on love, and what you share isn't nice. Maybe you need to look at yourselves and ask why you are so willing to use such bad language.

    Many food bloggers manage to write about what they are doing without giving other people's recipes away, they show love and respect by doing that and their friends don't feel the need to post untrue or nasty remarks about people. Maybe a lesson for all of you here !

  33. Thank you for your comment.
    Anonymous ^^

    After this incident, I learn that there are so many different people, different opinion, and I can't make everyone happy. But if I can make myself and my friends happy, that's the best reason for me to keep doing something that you think it's wrong.
    Ps. I didn’t see that any comment filled with bad and insulting words, and I didn’t use that kind of words too, if you’re not sure about it please read my comments again.

  34. You say you don't see comments filled with bad and insulting words, so I think you need to look again: I'll show you 5 or 6 examples of mean and nasty words you permit to appear here:

    Dolores Neilson said "Must be a paranoid publisher"

    Anonymous (Shema) said "Such looser!!!"

    Nisha said "They're just jealous" (this about someone who has nothing to be jealous about, he has several books published and is known to be a great baker and food writer)

    Anonymous said on March 25 2012, 11.23pm "Such a loser"

    Alan (travellingfoodies) said about Dan Lepard "his recipes and they look kinda run-in-the-mill anyway" (and I would note, this is about a baker and food writer who has wone many awards and international praise for his work, and whose work you liked enough to take and put on your blog, so it's just being nasty to now insult his work)

    Same person (Alan) also said of David Whitehouse "is banned to for being anal retentive" - this is just childish and insulting and nasty, not worthy remarks, and you said how you appreciate Alan's nasty comments, so you are no better

    So there you are, you should not post recipes by other people without their permission, if you do it now with the name of the author removed you are even worse, and you let your friends post rude, nasty and insulting words. No wonder someone doesn't want their recipe on your blog! You need to stop posting other people's recipes and showing these mean, childish insults!

  35. I'll tell you one more thing about your friend Alan (travellingfoodies), he needs to look into his heart and be honest when he makes these remarks. On his own blog he has a notice that says "All images and writings are copyrights of this blog. Do not alter or edit them without permission. If you like our content and have a use for it, kindly contact us in writing. All rights reserved."

    But on here, when David Whitehouse asks you to observe just that rule for recipes by Dan Lepard, your friend Alan applies different rules and uses rude and childish nasty remarks. Surely if this request is good for Alan's own blog, it is good for recipes by someone else ? Or maybe Alan wants special treatment ? But it proves, many people want you to leave their work alone, unless you ask first and get permission!

  36. Hi, Anonymous
    I do believe that you really enjoy my post because you come here every day and replied my comments ^^.
    As you said that I appreciate Alan’s comments, yes it’s true, because of the end of his comment he said
    “Just follow your heart and do what you feel is right. You have a lovely blog and you have a lovely audience who appreciates what you are doing.” That is the part that I treasure most.
    I will close the comment for this post after replying your comment today, I think I have enough of you, because rather than answering my question in my previous comment
    “Who’s the one who hold the right of the recipe?”, you started attacking my friends instead, and I think it’s rude too. The accusation of you about the right of the recipe, I have to tell you that “the list of the ingredients can’t be copyright”, looking at the history of baking it dates back a long time ago, so many people who’s the one who create the original recipe were gone. All we do today is just adapting it make it better or worse, so stop talking to me about the right of it when you can’t answer my question. You may said that Dan Lepard won many awards and international praise for his work, but to tell you the truth, many people (include many of my friends) don’t know him at all! I know him because I love to collect cookbooks and I bought all of his books, which made me sad because I never known about his attitude before. After the books published he has to be prepared that “his beloved recipes” will become other people base recipes for adaptation too, so if he really doesn’t want other people to touch “his beloved recipes” he shouldn’t publish it in the first place.
    As I told all of my friends and readers that I will stop putting the credit, (and actually by now I have create a lot of desserts and entrements by myself ), well I have to say that David Whitehouse had taught me the very good lesson ^^ (and after searching the internet it seems like he’s more famous than Dan Lepard, haha). I learn about the copyright because of him too. But I don’t do it because I don’t respect the author but I want to prevent this kind of incident that will make me hate some food writers in the future, I will recommend the cookbooks which I already try and test the recipe in my page, and give a good credit for him or her for providing me wonderful base recipes.



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