Friday, February 17, 2012

Chicken Farm Baker's Project # 42: February Snack Box: Open it and fall in love (with ME), again: "This is my love".

 The sweetness of this month is still lingering in the air, ^^, and you can see that I just can't stop it, haha

 For this month, Chicken farm turn into sweetest group of bakers, hehe, because our host (Jib), want all of us to make a snack box of our dearest one ^^. And, I'm so happy to do it (haha, well, I know that I'm romantic). 
The project is making a snack box with 1 kind of savory thing, 1 kind of dessert and don't forget a drink. First I want to make some puff pie or something in the savory part, but thinking about eating too much of it on the late of the afternoon can be too much. Finally I choose rice balls, not too greasy to eat and make someone who love to eat rice happy too.
The dessert part, I just can't drop the chocolate out of the list, so it's here too (well, when I heard that he love it I just can't stop making it, hehe).
The sweet part is strawberry cube cake, the vanilla cake with fresh strawberry inside and covered with pink color chocolate that sweet enough to melt someone's heart.
Next to strawberry cube cake is Mocha Nama Chocolate (モカ生チョコ), an easy to make chocolate. But it's many people's favorite kind of chocolate, the soft and dreamy texture of it, can make you smile and the one who received it will be more than happy, haha. This time I use a bit of coffee to make it more interesting without adding more bitterness.
I think my box will be great to eat with coffee, the sweet fragrance of cake, the bittersweet taste of chocolate, well, I hope that he will fall in love with me again, ^^.

Mocha Nama Chocolate (モカ生チョコ)
 Click here for recipe " Mocha Nama Chocolate (モカ生チョコ) "
Strawberry cube cake
 Click here for recipe "Strawberry cube cake"
"Ginger rice ball"
Click here for recipe "Ginger rice ball"

Prepare for your special late afternoon treat ^^.

 Don't forget the tools!!!.

Chicken Farm Baker's Project # 42: February Snack Box: 
Open it and fall in love (with ME), again
 "This is my love"


  1. These are so lovely!!!
    btw, just want to let you know I have something to share with you at my blog, do drop by my blog!

  2. this is soo pretty!! love all your bakes, they are so professionally done!

    I would like to share an award with you which I think you deserve it so much! Please visit my blog to claim it!



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