Saturday, March 5, 2011

“How To Brew A Perfect Cappuccino & Food Pairing Workshop by Starbucks to celebrate 40th Anniversary "

I believe that many people love Starbucks, both its coffee and its appearance ^^. Last Friday (4th of March 2011) I had a chance to joy the workshop “How To Brew A Perfect Cappuccino & Food Pairing" that held by Starbucks.

There were 12 people from all kinds of media, and many magazines. I had a chance to see the the editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living Thailand: Intukarn Gajaseni-Sirisant, she looks so young, I think that she is about my age, haha, and so sorry that I didn't have a chance to take a photo with her, the event was hectic.
Most of all it's a great moment for me to meet Mr Gary Martin, Director of Food Asia Pacific at Starbucks Coffee Company. He is very sweet with all the smile on his face,^^. He introduced us to new products that will launch on 8th of March, to celebrate 40th Anniversary of Starbucks. Not only cakes and drinks, for 40th Anniversary of Starbucks, the Logo is renewed too, (you can see on the photo above, the Siren's getting bigger and the words are deleted, there will be no more "Starbucks Coffee", but only "Starbucks' logo" to say it's all).
The baristas (there were 2 of them, Khun Off and Khun Yon), taught us how to make a perfect Cappuccino, by using a machine that's so intelligence. We learned to make a new kind of coffee (a new product again, hehe, I'm so happy that I had a chance to taste it before launching time), "Cocoa Cappuccino" Actually the Cappuccino is a kind of coffee that contains 3 parts of Espresso, hot milk and milk foam. But for the "Cocoa Cappuccino" you will have a chocolate syrup in your drink too. 
 I learned how to make it by myself (anyway, I just can't make it at home, except I have the same machine, haha).
It's very  delicious, (^^ maybe it's because I made it by myself), a hint of chocolate and a bit of sweetness is great, it becomes my favorite by now, but I have to wait for the day it's available in all Starbucks store.
The next event was creating your own cake pop, and I really wanted to do it. Cake pops are very cute and they will be available at Starbucks store too (but I think I will learn how to make it by myself too, hehe), it made from chocolate brownie and buttercream (yummy, yummy). And dipped in the pink color white coating chocolate and coating chocolate, then decorated. 
I made my own version of cake pop too, 1 pink and 2 chocolate cake pop, and had a good time to see a lot of decorating idea from many people. But sorry for you're guy, in the store you have to buy the one that already decorated, ^^. (So, I promise you that I will show you how to make it by yourself, it's fun to decorate it and it'll be a great time for your family too).
I really had a great time, and most of all the new (and a lot of) ideas for me to create my version of cake pop. The downside was I drunk too many cups of coffee (about 4 cups of it, with my pleasure, haha). So thank you Starbucks team for inviting me to joy this event and I will wait for the new drink in the store too, haha. 
See all the photos from this event on my facebook ^^.
 “How To Brew A Perfect Cappuccino 
& Food Pairing Workshop by Starbucks 
to celebrate 40th Anniversary " 


  1. is like a fun filled event! and cake pops are lovely! (: (:

  2. Hello Khun Pook, you are fast. I posted it on my blog just today ka. - Oh



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