Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Passionfruit Mousse: Refreshing and delicious mousse that you will love!

I think passionfruit is one of delicious fruit in the world ^^, well, may be because I like both the tangy taste and the intoxicated smell. I always have a bag of passionfruit puree in my freezer, so I can use it whenever I want. 

 Anyway I don't like to use the fresh one, it's beautiful with a little black seed but when I'm not happy when eating it , and straining it takes time too, haha . I really want other people to fall in love with it too, so when I see these little mousse in the book:............................... I think this recipe is interesting.
Because the tangy taste will be better when mix with the creamy taste ^^, and the result is as I expect, "very delicious".
The mousse is soft and fragrance, the tangy taste is refreshing while the cream is taming it down. My brother who doesn't like to eat passionfruit say that it's a lot better than he expected and very delicious too. 

As you see, I make a very small one, well I just can't change my habit, I love to serve small cake or dessert and see that people can finish it in a minute. Many people will feel that the dessert that I serve is not too heavy  ^^, because it's very small, haha. Anyway if you want to serve a bigger size just double the recipe and use 6  pastry rings (6cm/ring) instead of the mini cheesecake pan.
When taking the mousse out of the mold you can use a warm towel to warp around the mold and let it stand for 1-2 minutes or use a blow torch (I use this method, it's quicker) to warm around the side of the mold and take the mousse out of the mold immediately, both of the method are of you to choose ^^.  
I hope that you will love this little mousse too, and if you never try the passionfruit before, I really want you to give it a try, you may find your new favorite fruit ^^.

Passionfruit Mousse
(I use mini-cheese cake pan, makes 7 pieces)

20ml ............................... Cold water
1½tsp ............................. Powdered gelatin
½ c .................................. Passionfruit puree
50g ................................... Sugar
1tsp .................................. Lemon juice
125ml ............................... Whipping cream
........................................... Yellow sponge cake 
........................................... Apricot jam 

Slice the cake into thin layer (0.5cm thickness) , then cut to fit the mold.
Bloom the gelatin in cold water.
Put the passionfruit, sugar and lemon juice  in a bowl and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water, put the gelatin in.
Stir until the gelatin melt, take off the heat and let cool completely.
Beat the whipping cream until soft peak, fold a dollop of whipped cream into the cooled passionfruit mixture, then fold in the rest of the whipped cream until well combined. Pour the passionfruit mixture into prepared molds, cover with plastic warp and freezer until set (at least 2 hours).
Heat the apricot jam until liquid, strain through a fine strainer into a bowl. Remove the mousses from the freezer. Spoon a little of warm strained jam on top of each. Return to the freezer. 
To serve: take the mousses out of the molds and pipe a small round of whipped cream, then garnish with fresh raspberries.
Passionfruit Mousse: 
Refreshing and delicious mousse that you will love!


  1. These are gorgeous! Like right out of a patisserie! Great job. And thanks so much for sharing.

  2. divine simply divine Pook! i always love your creation! they never fail to amaze me!

  3. that's so beautiful! i love passionfruit (: but is seasonal ):

  4. looks gorgeous, Pook you always come out very impressive creation!

  5. MArvellous, elegant and pretty looking mousse..

  6. I just love passion fruit as much as you do. This certainly delicious. Pook, is the passion fruit puree sweet or sour? Hehehe .. just in my mind thinking of substitute it with passion fruit syrup, do you think it possible?
    Here wishing you and your family a blessing Chinese New Year. :)

  7. I love passion fruit too. Beautiful creation - they look pretty in little cups.

  8. It's amazing Pook, love it love it, if I have one, I just could not eat such beautiful cake

  9. Your pastries are just like the ones i see in bakeries!

    I'll keep watching you =)


  10. Hi pook

    Can i ask how u actually make the passionfruit puree? I have a few passionfruits at home. And how do u store it for further use next time after u made it?

  11. You have to puree the pulps in food processor and pass through sieve. The puree and be kept in the freezer for a month or 2.

  12. When u say the pulps, including the seeds?

  13. Yes, ^^, just scoop out all of them in the food processor and strain the puree through a fine-mesh sieve and discard the seeds.

  14. Thanks alot pook!!

    Sry I have another qsn... I was making creme brûlée the other day and it was my first time working w vanilla beans. I only used half a vanilla bean. Can u tell me how to store the renaming half? I bought it in a test tube package w the cork. is it ok I put it back in w the other beans?

  15. Yes, you can put it back in the tube, ^^.

  16. Thank u!!:)

    Anyway, for your passionfruit mousse, can i put in the normal fridge (usual 3-4deg) instead of the freezer(-14deg)?

  17. Yes, but the mousse will be softer and can't hold its shape as good as keeping it in the freezer.

  18. Thank u pook! Becos I dun have mini cheesecake pans, I actually made this recipe in small cups(verrines). They tasted really refreshing! Thanks for ur recipe.

    Btw, how long can u store used vanilla beans(those thar are cut in half etc)? Do I also follow the exp date on the original package or do these cut vanilla beans have a shorter shelf life?

  19. Hi, Clodagh
    ^^, I'm glad that you love it.
    For the Vanilla bean, the cut bean will be less fragrance if you keep it for a long time, so I suggest use it as soon as you can.

  20. Thank u pook! im making choux pastry today! :) thanks for ur advices.

  21. Hihi,
    Lovely lovely cake, great recipe and food styling! Like your blog so much, enjoy reading and trying out all your recipes! I would like to try this recipe using an 8 inch cake pan and ring. Can you please advise on the recipe please? Thanks so much!

  22. Hi there! I love the way yours turned out! I was wondering when you take the cakes out of the moulds was it hard to remove it wiout wrecking it?

  23. Lovely! I was wondering was it hard to take it out of the moulds?

  24. Never mind I totally skipped that part, can't wait to try it!!!

  25. Just warm the molds with worn towel the cake will come out perfectly.

  26. Hello,

    How much cold water is needed for the gelatin?

  27. 20ml ............................... Cold water is for blooming the gelatine.

  28. Hi! I just made this mousse, waiting it to freeze at the moment. When I fold the beaten thickened cream into the passionfruit mixture, it seems to be watery. Is this normal? Anyway, I will let you know how my mousse turn out later =)

  29. Okay! I already ate my mousse and turn out to be AMAZING! I was worried at first because it was very watery when folding the passionfruit mixture with thickened cream. BUT now it turn out to be PERFECT after the freezing period! I love how its creamy and rich in passionfruit flavour. Thank you for sharing your recipe =) I plan to try out your Namaechocolate sometime next week =D



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