Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011: Stamped Shortbreads with all my wish to you!

I want to make this post a special one, well, I think it's my thank for everyone around me, all the friends and family (and you the Anonymous reader, ^^) that makes me happy through the year.  

And what will be better than a piece of delicious shortbread with a word from my heart stamped on it.Actually I got these stamper a long time ago, but I never used it, because you can see the size of the letter is very small, and I'm so afraid of losing it!

I know it's nonsense to feel that way because if I never use it, having or losing has no meaning at all, right? So I decide to use it on this special event. I try to find the best recipe that's both great for making the stamped cookies and delicious. Luckily I found a good recipe from one of my book, :..................... These book is on my wish list a long long time, but I just bought it last month ^^, and I'm really happy that I got it.
The recipe for these shortbread is good for making a stamped cookie, because the dough won't puff up when bake so the words on the cookie remain crisp and sharp. 
The key ingredient for this cookie is rice flour, that keeps the cookie crumble than hard after kneading a lot (you can roll and reroll). The cookie is very buttery, and yes delicious! I really love it, and I have to make a confession that I ate a lot of the cookie dough, haha, you can see how crazy I'm ^^.
And now, I got the delicious and lovely cookie that I want to share with all of you on these special day, "New Year", I hope that you will love this recipe too.
Finally as a last post for year of 2010, I wish all of you joy and happiness for next year and every years ^^ and don't forget to give and to share both recipes and cookies, because sharing always brings happiness.

Stamped Shortbread
Makes about 15-25 pieces depend on the size of your cutter

100g ............................... Unsalted butter (cold and cut into pieces)
⅛tsp .............................. Salt
40g ................................. Icing sugar
120g ............................... Cake flour
45g ................................. Rice flour

 Put the butter into a bowl and sift cake flour, rice flour, icing sugar and salt over the butter.
Cut the butter and flour mixture into small pieces (or you can use your fingers), when the mixture looks like small bits of bread crumb, pour out of the bowl onto a work surface.
Knead the crumbs until stick together and smooth.
Warp with the plastic, refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 160°C
Line a baking sheet with baking paper or silicone mat.
 Roll the dough until 5mm thick.
Cut into desired shape, place on the prepared baking sheet and stamp the cookies.
Reroll until you using all the dough.

  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until light golden.

Thank You all for coming
-*-Happy New Year 2011-*-
From Dailydelicious


  1. hi pook, these stampers are this for special occasion? haha!whoever is going to receive these shortbreads from you r going to be very pleased.happy new year to you!!

  2. happy new year and great shortbreads!

  3. Beautiful shortbreads and Happy new year 2011 to you :)

  4. Can you please let me know where you got the stamper? I like that you can make your edible gifts so personal.

  5. Hi, Thank You for stopping by ^^ on this special day!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year.

    And for LT
    My stamper is from Japan but the maker is Germany, I will post the picture for you in my facebook (on
    Tools & Equipments
    album) so you can see it more clearly ^^.

  6. Happy New Year, Pook! Lovely shortbreads :)

  7. Everyonecanbake: Happy New Year, you are my most favorite blogger!

  8. Hi, Min
    Thank you, Happy New Year too ^^.

    Hi,Bếp nhỏ Bánh xinh
    Thank you, your words are so kind ^^.

  9. WOWWWW! these look very pretty. I love how well defined the prints are. ANd i am betting they taste delicious too!

  10. Happy new year. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your recipes and hope to see more resipe this year. Moist chocolate cake, if possible.

  11. Happy New Year :) the shortbread looks nice!! and i should try the recipe with rice flour.
    would like to know where u got the stamper too..

  12. Happy New Year ka khun Pook!
    I have followed your blog for a while and recommended it to a couple of friends who are also in awe of your neat, yummy looking creations. I also tried a few of your recipes with great success. About the shortbread, I found the alphabet stamper on ebay but I'm wondering if you used any special embosser for the dots on the shortbread edge. Or did you press the dots one by one by hand?

  13. Hi, Crustabakes
    Thank you.
    Hi secret admirer
    Thank you, well I will try my best to find the right recipe for your request ^^.
    Hi, Swee San
    My friend brought for me from Japan.

    Happy New Year ka.
    Yes, I use the back of the bamboo stick to press the dots one by one.

  14. To everyone who wants to buy that stamper, there's a woman in Singapore who sells it for SGD$25. That's where I got mine:


    Hope that helps!!!

    Pook: The cookies look great! Is it easy to roll out? I live in Malaysia so the humidity like Thailand is CRAZY! Every butter cookie recipe I make is too soft to roll. I've tried refrigerating them but no luck, it melts as soon as I roll them out and sticks everywhere. Any advice?

  15. Hi, Su Ling Thank you
    There are many people who want to have this tool ^^, Oh I need a second one too.
    For the recipe, the dough is very easy to work with, the weather doesn't be a problem.

  16. It's official. I love your blog. I'm so happy that I found it!

  17. these are really the sweetest cookies I've ever seen! everything u make is so professional and so elegant, very inspiring. When I read your blog, I can't stop.. hahaha. wishing u a fantastic year and keep up the wonderful work, & thanks so much for sharing! :)



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