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Traveling with dailydelicious: Hokkaido day 8-9 Otaru: Sashimi, Kimono and sweet

Now, we arrived at the last destination for this trip: Otaru

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we reached Unga no Yado Otaru Furukawa (運河の宿 小樽ふる川) around 5.30 pm, and it's dark now ^^".

This hotel is in a very good location it's opposite to  Otaru Canal, with retro decoration it's rich with history, and it's a great place for relaxing.

We checked in and went to our room. I love this kind of hotel, ^^ as it filled with nostalgic feeling of the old day.

 The room was large! Well, after stayed in very small room in Sapporo, we came to heaven now, haha.

It's time for dinner, first, we decided to go for Sushi, but as we had a reservation at 伊勢鮨  (Ise zushi) tomorrow, we changed our mind and stopped at Otaru Jingisukan instead ( 小樽ジンギスカン倶楽部 北とうがらし 出抜小路店 ).

Actually, we lost to the smell of grilled meat, haha. So we opened the door of this (very) small place, and went inside.

 White Brandy for me ^^

We had to order 1 meat dish for one person, and this place had only lamb ^^", I was very worried as my sister didn't eat lamb (I eat everything, haha), but she said that she want to to try.

 Lamb steak.

So we order Lamb Jingisukan and Lamb steak.

 Lamb Jingisukan

And some vegetable (bean sprout, onion and green onion).

 It's very small, there were only 10 seats, and it's filled with delicious grilled meat fragrance, hehe.

Another glass of beer for me

 We enjoyed the food very, very much, and my sister who didn't eat lamb, ordered more lamb, hehe, now, she can eat lamb (and love it too).
First I ordered the white brandy, but if you want my recommendation, beer is the best drink for this kind of food.

After dinner, we walked around the hotel, but it's dark, and nothing much to see (well, the canal was beautiful).

So, we just went back to the hotel to relaxing in the onsen, and slept happily after a long, long day.

View from our room
 Good Morning!
The best thing about good location is you don't have to wake up early, hehe.

Post card and colouring set
 I spent time colouring the postcard (the hotel provided both postcard and colour pencil, very lovely things), while waiting for my niece to dress up.

 We went to 2nd floor, to have our breakfast, and the buffet here was very good, there were both Japanese and western style food.

 Freshly baked breads.

 Fresh and delicious vegetable for my salad.

 I knew that I's greedy, haha, I wanted to try everything, and they're very yummy too.

As the view from the balcony was very beautiful, taking a cup of coffee and sit outside was a great idea (but I just couldn't be there long, as the weather was cold ^^").

 View from the balcony. 

 The place where we stayed.

Today, we planed to make a small glass souvenir  at 小樽 硝子の灯・彩や.

 As Otaru is very famous for glass, you can find hand made glass everywhere.

 We just wanted to make a small thing that didn't require a lot of time and experience.

 What we made is called Tonbotama, a small glass made bead that very easy to make. 

 Just melting the glass, and decorating, a small child can do it.

 It's fun to make ^^, so fun that my niece wanted to make more of it, and yes as we had enough time, her wish was granted.

After having fun at the glass shop, we went for a walk.

There were so many things to buy, hehe, but I tried to keep my hand in my pocket.

Until I came to this shop!,"Fine Craft" If you love hand made zakka, you will fall in love with this shop.

 Load of hand made wooden cutlery, plate, cup and etc.

 I bought too much of them, that my niece said that I shouldn't go to this shop again, haha (she waited for me until she was bored) .

Even for people who don't like to shop, you can still enjoy the retro atmosphere of this small town.

After a long walk, now we needed food.
We stopped at LeTao Pathos (ルタオ パトス ) a large LeTao shop, that has eating space on the 2nd floor.


If you love sweet and good food, I really recommended here. As the second floor is spacious, you can sit and enjoy.

 Famous LeTao Double Fromage cake

Beside from that, you can order food and sweet in set too ^^.

Garlic rice Steak 

Egg Benedict 

The most delicious thing that you should eat here is "LeTao Double Fromage" ^^.
Yes, you can buy and eat it somewhere else, but after eating both at the airport, and the frozen one. Freshness is the only thing that you can't get from other place, and it' the key to super yummy Double Fromage.

The other baked sweet that you should buy is "Rue Ironai Fromage", thin langue de chat cookie with salty cheese filling, it's very addictive.

 You may noticed that I didn't have a cup of good coffee yet, haha.

 And it's time for me to find good (and delicious) cup of Latte to warm my brain.
So, I run (yes, as I really needed a cup of good coffee) to Kahisakan ( 可否茶館 小樽ファクトリー) that's quite close to LeTao.

Bought a cup of coffee, and walk back to the hotel, tonight we would go to eat Sushi.

We came back to the hotel and freshened up ourself, I tried to finish colouring my postcard but it needed more time, haha.

 The rain's falling very heavy, so we took a taxi to got to  伊勢鮨  (Ise zushi). 

There were many sushi to choose and we couldn't decide, so the waitress suggested that we should order "Jun set ", 16 pieces of fish in season.

 After ordering, I could sit and relax, the best thing about traveling is I don't have to drive, so I can have a glass (or more) without worrying about the car, hehe.

 First dish of Jun set 
I couldn't remember the name of the fish, haha, it's not easy to pay attention to the detail, while we're enjoying.


Cream cheese in Miso


 Second dish of Jun set 

 Sashimi set 

 Third dish of Jun set 


And now, let me introduce you to my favourite fish "Shishamo", haha.
I heard about this fish from the show (My favourite Seiyu went to Hokkaido in that show), and he said that it's very delicious ^^. Plus you can enjoy the real one only at Hokkaido in Autumn, so it's one of my eating target!
Oily delicious, haha and great texture, it's a must for Autumn Hokkaido trip!

Happy with our dinner, now it's time to have a good time at the Onsen and yes another good and sweet dream.

Today was the last day at Otaru, and we started by enjoy ourself easting breakfast at the hotel.

 Having breakfast at the hotel was a good choice when we just wanted to relax (and wake up late, haha).

Plus the food here were delicious, esp. this maple nut bread that my sister had 2 of it.

The staffs were very lovely, as the seats that can overlook the canal were fully occupied she (an old lady) tried to move us from our table to the special seat (ie the one near the balcony) when they found the seat ^^. I had to tell her that we sit there yesterday or she didn't let us go back to our room, haha.

If you come to Otaru for relaxing and slow time, this Hotel is recommended, and hope you will have a good time here as I did.

 Our plan for today was to disguise ourselves as Japanese ladies.
So, we walked from the hotel to Kimono Tsujichu (着物辻忠), a kimono rental shop.

 There were load of Kimono to choose from and it's fun to do something that we couldn't usually do, like dressed up in beautiful Kimono ^^.

 After changing ourselves into Japanese ladies, we went Otaru Canal Cruise

40 minutes cruise to enjoy the view, and Otaru's historical canal.

 Luckily, the sky were blue, it's great day to be under the sun.

 I enjoyed taking load of photos (even that most of them were not as good as I wanted, haha, well we're in the boat and I couldn't tell them to stop for me).

But if you have time, it's a great way to know more about this canal and this small city.

It's time for us to return the kimono, and I had a great time and many good photo ^^.

Before leaving this place, the last stop was the Sankaku market a small market across the Otaru station.

 We took a taxi to go there (well, it's far from the canal).

 My niece and I were very excited as we saw this place from the DVD (by my Seiyu again, haha), and we wanted to eat here.

The market was very small but there were a lot of fresh seafood. 

But we come here to eat at  Kita no Donburiya Takinami Shokudo (北のどんぶり屋 滝波食堂 ) a small eating spot in the market.

 Ok, it's not time for Osake, haha, so I ordered tea.

 Amaebi-sweet shrimp 500円

 Oyster 350円

 Salmon 500円

 わがまま丼 1800円

 元祖 わがまま丼  2000円

Samma Sashimi

 And my favourite Shishamo
Note that there are 2 kinds of shishamo, male and female, the female one will be softer as it contained eggs, but I like the male one more^^.

If you want to try many kinds of sea food, this place is good, but last night we just had a good sushi dinner, so the quality was far from that one, but the price is different too, hehe.

We went back to the hotel to pick our suitcases and now, we're ready to leave Otaru.
From Otaru, it take 1.30 hours by train to go to New Chitose Airport.
Tonight we would stay at Air Terminal Hotel, because our fight was very early in the next morning.

 Walking pass Kita kitchen, I bought some snack to eat and it's a Dorayaki, that I really wanted to eat it again.

 It filled with almost 3 cm hight of Azuki filling, and it made from Azuki from Tokachi. It's very good so buy it if you see it!.

Because we slept here last night, we didn't have to rush. Just walking from the hotel to the check in counter and now, we would leave Hokkaido in less than 2 hours.
There were a lot of sweet to buy in the duty free shop, esp. the LeTao double fromage, you can buy it easily and they will pack it for you too.

I bought King Crab, salmon roe and dairy products for my family, and the staff pack them for us too.
They were delicious, and made me want to go to Hokkaido again after eating it ^^".

Finally, I finished my trip journal, thank you for following and reading, hope you enjoy it.

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