Saturday, September 23, 2017


 Another vegan menu for Kin-je (Eat vegetarian food festival), that I'm really happy with the result.

 You may think that in oder to make crispy waffle with soft texture inside , you need egg ^^, but this recipe will show you that, you can go without one. We need gluten in the flour when we don't have egg, as it give the waffle structure, but not too much or the texture will be too chewy. And it's oat that make the texture of the waffle lighter as it cut the gluten in the flour. I use quick oat in this recipe, but you can use rolled oat if you want something to chew, hehe.
Serve with anything you like, for me I serve myself with lot of fruits and load of golden syrup.

สูตรภาษาไทย: วาฟเฟิ้ลเจใส่ข้าวโอ๊ต

Youtube: วาฟเฟิ้ลเจใส่ข้าวโอ๊ต, VEGAN OAT WAFFLES, ヴィーガンオートワッフル

Serve 3-4 people

370-390g ...............  Soy milk
2 tsp ....................... Vinegar (or lemon juice)
60 g ....................... Shortening
1/4tsp ................... Salt
60g ....................... Granulated sugar
60g ....................... Oatmeal
200g .................... All purpose flour
1tbsp .................... Baking powder
1/2tsp .................. Vanilla extract
............................. Rice bran oil for brushing the waffle iron
............................. Fresh fruits and syrup for serving

  I use this Shortening  (non-hydrogenated rice barn oil shortening).

 Mix soy milk and vinegar together, let the mixture thicken for 15 minutes before using.

 Put shortening, salt, and sugar into a bowl, beat fully combine.

 Mix the soy milk mixture into the shortening mixture, it won't become fully mix ^^.

 Pour the oat meal into the bowl, mix to combine.

 Sift the flour and baking powder into the bowl.

 Add the vanilla extract, mix to combine.
*Add more soy milk if the batter is too thick.

 Warm a waffle iron and brush with oil.

  Heat for 5-6 minutes or until golden brown.




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