Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Memoir of my favorite cafe

This red doors will lead you to a happy space.

I have to say good bye to one of my favorite place, and my heart is broken.

This small kitchen can bring a lot of small on people face!

Me and Jib (the owner of Spoonful)
 It's a small cafe name "Spoonful Zakka cafe" and the owner of this cute cafe is my friend "Jib". We know each other for 8 years (at the time that I started writing this blog), and created a small baking group name "Chicken farms' baking project".

She opened this cafe with a dream, that she wanted to serve home made sweet, and light meal and sell quality (and super cute) products from Japan. And for 6 years, I bought so many things from here, haha, and I was so happy every times that I came to visit Spoonful.
But life goes on, and we can't help letting it go, on 28th of February, Spoonful will close

I came to visit this place for the last time and say farewell to it.

With warm light and lovely decoration, you will get lost in this cafe.

Home made scone and muffins, made daily.

Lovely flowers, arranged by Nong Yee (she is a flower stylist, you can follow her on her IG:furawa_desu).  

I ordered Happy tea time set and coffee to enjoy with my friends, and her muffins were super yummy.

All the plates, pots, cups and mugs are so cute, she will continue sell all this items on-line.
You can follow her from Facebook page: Spoonful

 "Every little things could make big different in life"

 The cafe hold an event 'Envol studio pop up' by K. Ploy Chariyaves as one of farewell event, (cry).

 Each time in this place, I can sit and relax, and I really wonder, where can I get this feeling if this cafe gone............

 Hope that she will find next space, that she can create a small place that can fill people heart with happiness in near future.

I believe that if the dream still alive we will meet again. I will waiting for you "Spoonful".

A Memoir of my favorite cafe

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