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Travel with dailydelicious: Eating while walking in Brooklyn! (1)

Delicious Breakfast at Bakeri
Let’s go to Brooklyn!
I heard about Brooklyn before as it has so many interesting shops, restaurant and bakeries, so when I had a chance to go to New York (Thank Singha Park for taking me there, I went there as a part of "Thai Art on the World Stage with Singha Park project” if you’re interested in this project you can read more about it here:, or read about this year's world class Thai artishere), I couldn’t miss this place.

I went to North Brooklyn (or Williamsburg), it’s easy to go from Manhattan, and going alone is safe enough. If you stay in Manhattan the only thing that you need to check is the subway maintenance, because you have to find other way to get back when you face one. 

After going upstair from Bedford Avenue station,  you will be in the heart of Brooklyn. 

There are so many shops (restaurants, bakeries, etc) and shops that sell beautiful handmade items (well, many of them belong to Asian people, but there are quite good).

Because I went there early (I had a target, hehe), so the best thing was finding good place for breakfast.

This is the place that I wanted to try. “Bakeri” a small bakery not far from Bedford Avenue, about  10 minutes walk. “Bakeri” is a Norwegian word, (the owner Nina Brondmo is a Norwegian).

With serene atmosphere, this place filled with delicious pastries, breads & hot beverages and made on premise in a “small batch baking” style.

There are many things to choose, most of them are homey and this place’s famous for delicious breads, (the owner want the neighbourhood to have good bread, ^^). 

And you knew me, I couldn’t help but order as much I could eat, haha (I didn’t see the price list or anything, sorry that I can’t tell you about the price but this place is not pricey anyway). 

And this was my breakfast: Croissant, Strawberry chocolate financier, Savoury tart and a cup of Latte. 

The first thing that I finished was savoury tart, it’s not photogenic but the taste is very good. The base of the tart is puff pastry filled with onion, mushroom, corn, and potato, so good that I couldn’t stop. 
The next part was croissant that it’s light and flavourful, eating with a cup of Latte make me want to move to Brooklyn, haha. 

Strawberry chocolate financier is very good too, buttery and not too sweet.

 Watching he staffs baked and decorated there product while eating, I finished my breakfast with happiness. If you want to enjoy this peaceful morning, go there early before starting your day.

150 Wythe Avenue (North Eighth Street), 
Williamsburg, (718) 388-8037

After eating, it’s time for walking and burning the ennergy. Beside eating or shopping, there are a lot of Graffiti and street arts that you will be happy to spend your day with. 
I spent my time walking and taking photo, it’s really art town.

  Kobra (Brazilian street artist) work: “Fight for Street Art”  at Bedford and North 9th Street.

Wall is a gallery!

I really enjoyed walking around here.
But for us, we need something for our kitchen.
On Bedford Ave, you will find 2 shops that will make your luggage full.

The first shop: Bedford Cheese Shop
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not only cheese that you will find here.

 This small shop loaded with ingredients, cheese, ham and etc. 

 If you love ham, come to this showcase.

With 20+ chocolate to choose from, I really want to try all all of them.
Quality ingredients and beautiful package that you will be happy to have in the kitchen, but the point is most of them heavy -*-.
Really recommended, if you want to find “Made in Brooklyn” souvenir that you can eat.

I got this with chocolate and small jar of sauce, ^^.

Bedford Cheese Shop
229 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
M-F: 9am-9pm | Sat: 8am-9pm | Sun 8am-8pm

I walked out of the shop with sadness, haha, maybe I can buy more next time.

Next time, let’s go to drink very delicious coffee, and more shopping together on next blog.

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