Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baileys Chocolate Bonbons: Dear my lovely sis!

 I rarely make the chocolate bonbons or any chocolate that needs tempering work.

The reason is my niece loves to help me, haha, and working with chocolate requires time and the chocolate's behavior relates to the precise temperature, something that I can't do when my niece around ^^".
Today is my chance, my mom took her out and yes, I can do some chocolate work. I got the idea from my sister (the one who lives in UK), when I ask her what kind of chocolate that she wants to eat, she said that "Baileys" ^^ . I promised that I will make it for her when I go to UK next year, but right now, she has to taste it from the monitor, hehe.
There are a lot of Baileys in the ganache, so I have to add a bit of butter to balance the texture. But you can reduce the Baileys to 15ml and skip the butter too.

Baileys Chocolate Bonbons

I used the silicone chocolate mold, it's easy to use and there are a lot of patterns to choose from, but don't forget to place it on the small baking sheet so you can move it easily after pouring the chocolate into the molds.
Because it contains a lot of alcohol, I don't recommend this chocolate for children, but for grown-ups I know that you will love it. Well, eat it with the one you love, and enjoy the happy moment together ^^.

 Baileys Chocolate Bonbons
Makes 15 pieces

Baileys Ganache
45g ................................. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa mass)
30g ................................. Milk chocolate
50g ................................. Whipping cream
20ml ............................... Baileys
10g ................................. Unsalted butter, soft

200g ............................... Dark chocolate (58% cocoa mass) chopped finely

Make the ganache:

Bring the cream to boil over low heat, when it becomes boil take of the heat and pour over the chocolate.
Stir until melt, mix the butter and Baileys into the ganache.
Let the mixture cool to room temperature and put in the piping bag.

Tempering the chocolate for making shell:
Boil a pan of water, then let it cool to 60-65°C
Put 140g of the chocolate in a bowl and place the bowl over the hot water (don't let the water touch the bowl), stir until the chocolate melt and the temperature of the chocolate is 40°C

Take the bowl off the pan and put 60g of chocolate (a little at a time, you might not use all the chocolate) into the bowl and stir until all of them melt, the  temperature should be about 28°C. (If the chocolate won't melt completely, use a hair dryer to melt it).
Place the bowl back over the hot water pan again and stir until the temperature is 31°C. Keep the chocolate at this temperature, the chocolate is ready to use.

Pour the chocolate into the mold, rotate to cover all the molds. Tap the mold to release the air that trapped inside.
Turn the mold upside down, to release the chocolate.
Let the chocolate cool, (you can put the mold in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to speed up the process).

When the chocolate is harden pipe the Baileys ganache into the chocolate shells. 
Cover with another layer of the chocolate. Then let the chocolate cool, (you can put the mold in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to speed up the process).
Softly push the mold, the chocolate is now ready to serve.

Baileys Chocolate Bonbons

Baileys Chocolate Bonbons: Dear my lovely sis!


  1. I have been looking for an interesting chocolate recipe to make as Christmas presents and this is perfect! I just bought some silicone chocolate moulds so it's all ready and waiting for me to make a start... brilliant recipe, thanks for posting - can't wait to make them :)

  2. Irresistible! am awestuck to see how beautifully you have made these cuties.

  3. Hello!
    I am very happy to discover your blog and I think you have a lot of wonderful recipes, made with so much passion!
    Wonderful photos, too!
    See you, Any.

  4. I just discovered your blog this morning and I am already a HUGE fan! I think these candies would be perfect for Christmas.... Do they need to be kept in the refrigerator?
    Thank you for writing about what you do. Your recipes (and photos) are incredible!

  5. If the temperature is not higher than 20C you can keep it at room temp for 3 day. But if the temperature is higher than that, I suggest keeping them in the refrigerator ^^.

  6. Hello!

    I think your blog is amazing! Very dinky, cute and with clear instructions! I also like the fact that your recipes are for smaller portions, perfect for small treats without too much guilt :)

    I want to make these baileys chocolates for christmas gifts, but in truffle shapes as i do not have moulds. Can this ganache filling set hard enough for me to shape into balls, and coat in the tempered chocolate?

    Many Thanks :D

  7. You can let it firm up in a small tray and cut into to square shape, then coat it with tempering chocolate, it will be better than rolling it into a ball.

    1. Yes that would be much easier for me and less messy too, thank you!

  8. Hi, i always love your recipes and detailed tutorials. I intend to do chocolate for my husband this Valentine and I am worried about the tempering chocolate. Just one questions, can we use chocolate 65% for tempering as i saw you used chocolate 58%, is there any difference?. Thanks. Thư

  9. Yes, you can use 65% chocolate for this recipe, the method for tempering is not different. The difference is the taste, your will be a bit bitter than mine ^^.



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