Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to temper the chocolate in microwave and How to make chocolate disk

How to Temper the chocolate in microwave:

1. Place two thirds of the amount of chocolate that you are going to temper into a bowl; the third will be used later in the tempering process. You will need to use a microwavable plastic bowl as porcelain will become too hot.

2. Place the bowl into the microwave ad heat for 30 seconds on half power. Stir the chocolate and then return it to the microwave for another 30 seconds. Repeat this as many times as required until the chocolate has melted. Don’t be tempted to rush this stage of the process as the chocolate may burn if heated too long.
3. You will notice that the chocolate will start to melt slowly. When the chocolate has melted completely it should be around 45°C. for white chocolate or 45-50°C. for milk and dark chocolate.

4. Add the remaining third of the chocolate to the melted chocolate and stir gently (don’t over-stir the chocolate). The cold chocolate will melt into the warm chocolate, lowering the temperature slightly.
5. The chocolate will become thicker and the cool chocolate may not melt completely. If this is the case, use a hairdryer or heat gun to slowly melt the chocolate, stirring at the same time. Take care not to overheat the chocolate. Just before all the chocolate has melted stop heating it and let it finish melting by itself.
6. Test the temperature of the chocolate to make sure you have tempered it correctly. If you have a thermometer the temperatures should be  29-30°C. for white and milk chocolate and 31-32°C. for dark chocolate.
Note: If the chocolate is too hot, more cool chocolate needs to be added in order to cool it down.

How to make chocolate disk

Pour the chocolate over the plastic (or aluminium foil), and spread it over. Let the chocolate firm up, check frequently when the chocolate stop sticking when touch it lightly with your finger tip, cut it into round circle. Put the chocolate sheet in the  refrigerator, for 10-20 minutes then take the disks out of the sheet.
Keep until require by placing between a sheet of wax paper in the refrigerator.


  1. Thank you for posting this. It very helpful. Wish you best. lyly

  2. I`m lovin your Blog. Thank you for this information and knowledge.

  3. Seems like easy to made. Can we use a regular chocolate bar to made it?

  4. Can we use the same way to temper couverture chocolate?

  5. Yes, you can use this method to tempering any kinds of chocolate (including couverture chocolate).



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