Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soft Sponge Cake

Very soft sponge cake ^^, my friend really love this recipe and I thank her for persuading me many times until I want to try the recipe too.
Great recipe for anyone who love Japanese style cake because it's so softttttttttt!!!

 Soft Sponge Cake
Make 23x23cm cake

2 ...................................... Eggs
50g ................................. Sugar
40g ................................. Cake flour
......................................... A pinch of salt
20ml ............................... Whipping cream (warm)

Preheat the oven to 180°C. 
Line 23m x23cm pan with baking paper.
Sift the flour and salt together, set aside.

 Whisk the egg until lighten add the sugar gradually until thick and lighten (Thick ribbon stage).
Sprinkle the flour over the egg batter and fold to combine.
Take 1/4 cup of batter and mix with the warm whipping cream, fold to combine. Pour the batter back, and fold to combine.
The batter will be smooth and thick.
Bake for 10-12 minutes until spring back when press lightly.


  1. With whipping cream?
    I'm sure this will be delicious!

  2. Wow! I would simply love to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi I always think that u r the best foodblog I ever seen. Pictures & method are great to understand.

    Can I ask what temperature is the warm cream ? Can we use Full cream milk as well.

    Thank u

  4. Hi, Juliet
    The temperature of the whipping cream should be about 40-45C.
    And Thank you so much for your compliment ^^.

  5. How high is the cake after baking? Mine came out very 'short', maybe abt 3/4 inch only. Is that normal? Or what did I do wrong?

  6. Hi banned
    It's right the cake will not come out high.
    It can be use as a roll cake or plain sponge cake in many recipe.

  7. Can I use it to make swiss roll? I love swiss roll so much.

  8. Yes, Lilian
    You can use it to make Swiss roll.

  9. Hi, I do not have a thermometer to measure the temperature of the whipping cream. So do you heat it up using microwave? Low/medium/high heat for how long? Thanks!:)

  10. Hi. Can I use this to make a layer cake? Can I just double the recipe and bake as one cake before slicing in half? Coz my oven not big enough to it in 2 pans.

  11. Yes but it will be very soft and doesn't have so much structure, if the filling that you will use is quite heavy it will collapse a bit.

  12. Thanks for the recipe :)
    My cake turned out soft, but the problem is that it's not very flexible. When I tried to roll it, it just crack so in the end I couldn't make my swiss roll :( Any suggestions?

  13. Reduce the baking time will make your cake less dry and you will be able to roll it too.

  14. I was wondering, do you beat your eggs and sugar on high? I did and ended up with big holes in my sponge cake and couldn't roll it up >< The holes were so big the cake really looked like a sponge... not like your beautiful crumb. But when I use a lower speed, the batter can't go to the ribbon stage...

  15. Hi,
    The speed of each machine is different, ^^.
    But if you have that problem you can reduce it by whipping the batter with lowest speed before folding the flour into the egg mixture, the air pocket will be finer.

  16. hi, is it okay to leave this sponge cake in the fridge overnight? thank you!

  17. If you can keep it in air tight container it will be able to keep in the fridge ^^, or cover it with double layer of plastic warp, so the cake won't dry.

  18. I made this cake tonight, the cake was delicious, fragrant and soft. My daughter loves. Thank you for recipe

  19. Hi,

    Stumbled on ur blog on sunday and i have been obssessed. Love ur easy to follow steps and pictures. Quick question on this cake, can I use it as a base for entremets? How quickly does the cake dry out?

  20. Yes, you can use it in entremets but you need to sprinkle it with syrup.



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