Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chocolate Almond Rocher: Crunchy and nutty chocolate bonbons

Ok, life is not easy, everyone can't always get what he or she want. Like me, I have a little problem when making chocolate, because I love dark chocolate (darker is better for me, ^ ^), while my brother and sister love milder chocolate. 

So every time that I want to make anything, I have to think about it, like, they want to eat it or not, because I don't want to make anything that I don't want to eat but I just can't eat much , haha, (a bit selfish, right? but for me, when making something that I want to eat I will be very happy,hehe).

But for this time, I want to try, this chocolate is very interesting , especially I have a chance to make the nougat (well for me, I love to try something new, and this nougat is my first time too). I think that this chocolate rocher will get a warm welcome (from my sister and brother), ^ ^, because this chocolate using the semisweet chocolate in filling and coating with the milk chocolate rather than the dark chocolate and the sweetness comes from the nougat too.

If you love the chocolate that is not too bitter and full of nut you will love this chocolate bonbon. The filling made from the almond nougat with chocolate ganache and coated with chocolate and almond (as I said that anyone who love nut will be happy with this chocolate).

It's not hard to make the nougat for the filling. But when rolling the  nougat, it will be easier if you have the silicone liner, and beware of the nougat as it's very hot.

Chocolate Almond Rocher
Makes about 50 pieces

75g ...................... Almond diced
100g ................... Granulated sugar
35ml ................... Water
8g ........................ Unsalted butter
100g .................... Semisweet chocolate, chopped
60ml .................... Whipping cream
½tbsp................... Rum
250g ...................... Milk chocolate
3tbsp ...................... Almond diced

Make the Nougat:

Prepared 2 silicone liners.

Put the sugar and water into the pan, put over medium heat, let the sugar melt and caramelize. When the mixture is dark amber put the butter into the mixture, follow with the almond diced. 

Pour the mixture over one of the silicone liner and place the other liner on top, then use the rolling pin to spread the mixture into thin sheet.

Let the mixture cool, then break into small pieces.

Make the ganache filling:

Put the cream into the pan and bring to boil, then pour the cream over the chocolate, wait for 1 minute. Stir until the chocolate melt and the ganache is smooth.

Pour the nougat into the ganache, stir to combine.

Use small scoop, scoop the ganache into small portion (about 12g/ pieces) refrigerate until firm then roll into a ball.

Coating with chocolate:

Divide the chocolate into 2 part, 190g and 60 g.
Put the 190g chocolate into the bowl, then place the bowl over the simmering water.
Heat the chocolate until the temperature reach 45°C, then take the bowl out of the heat.
Pour the 60 g chocolate into the melted chocolate, stir until the temperature drop to 27°C.Place the bowl over the simmering water, again heat until the temperature reach 29-30°C.
The chocolate is now ready to use (if the chocolate cooler, heat it again but don't let the temperature higher than 30°C). Pour the almond diced into the chocolate, stir to combine.

Coat the filling with the chocolate, let the coating dry before packing.

Chocolate Almond Rocher: Crunchy and nutty chocolate bonbons


  1. Those chocolates look delicious!!!

  2. hi! Im thinking of trying this for vday (looks too yummy to resist!) but due to time constraint, is it ok if I make the filling 1 day in advance and store in fridge then only
    coating them the next day? thanks!

  3. Keeping it the fridge makes the chocolate lose it shine, but it's still delicious. But I think, if the weather is not too hot you can keep it in room temperature.

  4. I don't have silicone liners, is there something else that I can use?

  5. You can use silicone paper or heavy duty aluminium foil (lightly greased with oil) too.



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