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Pineapple cream cheese cake: Easy cake from Happy and Easy Baking for 12 months from Takako

It's seen a long time ago since I use the recipe from the books by Takako Inada. Well, because there are a lot of new books and new recipes to try lately ^ ^ (I really want to all of the recipes which I have, haha, but you know that it's easier said than done).

This recipe is from the book: たかこさんの12カ月のかんたん焼き菓子ずっと、たいせつに楽しめる。(Happy and Easy Baking for 12 months from Takako) by 稲田 多佳子(Takako Inada) again ( this is the second time for this book the first is Brown sugar chocolate cup cake).

The book divided into 12 sections, from the name of the book you can doubt it, haha. The recipes in each month are 3 of it and follow by the tip or any story that will give you the idea like how to pack the sweet, Japanese tea, the herbs or the honey.
The recipe uses the products which are in season (well, Japanese season of cause), but it's easy to follow even you are not in Japan because now the ingredient for cooking Japanese food is easy to find in many country too.
There are many kind of desserts and bake good to choose from, cakes (green tea marble, brown sugar chocolate, sakura, strawberry, lemon vanilla, orange apricot, pineapple cream cheese, chestnut and etc.) , cookies (sesame, chocolate chip, green tea, cream biscuit, lemon coconut, etc.), pies (kinako, chocolate, kiwi, strawberry, almond lemon, onions, banana custard, white chocolate and etc.), well, you can see there a lot of recipes to try, ^ ^.

The design and the photos of the book is cute, but it's not the same as other Japanese book that will provide the how-to photo, this book will give you only the photo of the finished product. But the photo of the ingredient is great too, esp. if you want to buy it and don't know what it's look like.
It's a great book for anyone who love to bake, because the recipes (even there are no how-to photos) are very easy to follow and most of them are delicious (I made about 5 recipe from this book so far).

Today, the recipe that I choose for you to try is Pineapple cream cheese cake, a little cake that is easy to make. This small cake can be baked in 18 cm ring mold, or if you have the same molds as me, it will give you 5 pieces of 9 cm bundt cake.

I like this cake because of the lightly sweet taste and soft texture. The cream cheese makes the cake moist and the little tangy taste makes this cake so additive (I start by tasting only a bit of it and finishing the whole cake in the next moment, haha).
The pineapple for is this recipe is the tinned one (well, it's already sweeten and easy to find and use too), remember to cut it into small pieces so the texture and the appearance of the cake will be better. If you have just didn't cut it small enough so don't make the same mistake as me, >*<. The cake takes so little time to prepare and bake, so if you have the ingredients in your pantry (and the fridge), I think it's time to go into the kitchen and start baking it, and you will love this little cake just like me.

Adaptation from
: たかこさんの12カ月のかんたん焼き菓子ずっと、たいせつに楽しめる。(Happy and Easy Baking for 12 months from Takako) by 稲田 多佳子(Takako Inada)

Pineapple cream cheese cake
Make 18 cm ring mold, or 5 pieces of 9 cm bundt cake.

80g............... Cake flour
⅓tsp............. Baking powder
20g............... Almond powder
50g............... Butter
80g............... Cream cheese
90g............... Granulated sugar
1.................... Egg
1.................... Egg yolk
30g............... Plain yogurt
½ tbsp......... Lemon juice
100g............. Pineapple (tinned pineapple in light syrup, drained then weighted),
cut into small pieces

Preheat the oven to 160°C

Butter and flour the pans.
Sift together the flour, baking powder.

Cream the butter, cream cheese and sugar , until the mixture is smooth and light in color.
Add the almond powder and beat to combine, the follow by the egg, egg yolk, lemon juice, and yogurt, mixing until fully incorporated after each addition and scarp down the bowl as needed.
Pour the flour mixture and fold to combine.

Add the pineapple pieces and fold to combine.
Pour the batter into prepared pan.
Bake for 30-35 minutes (if using the 18cm ring mold, the baking time will be 35-40 minutes) or until the cake spring back when lightly touched and a skewer inserted near the center come out clean.
Cool the cake in the pan for a few minutes, then unmold onto the racks to cool completely.

Pineapple cream cheese cake:
Easy cake from Happy and Easy Baking for 12 months from Takako


  1. Hi, I'm first time to your blog, via Happy Flour's blog. You have a wonderful blog, I will visit more often. By the way, I'm from Malaysia.

  2. the cake looks lovely...once I get hold of my new bakeware..I will try this...

    : ))

  3. Hi, Sonia
    Nice to meet you!

    Hi, Irene's Footprints
    Please try this ^ ^, it's very easy and delicious.

  4. Hi, i like your blog and those steps which is easy for me to follow as a new baker. will visit quite often.

  5. Hi!Can i use the fresh pineapple or jam?

  6. Hi Uyen
    I think fresh one is better, because jam will make the cake too sweet.

  7. hello =) may i know how's the texture of the cake suppose to look like? is it dense(ilike no pores)? Does it have a light taste of almond flour?

  8. It's very dense and has a little taste of almond powder ^^.

  9. Hi DailyDelicious,

    Can you convert the recipe from grams to cups? Also, you mentioned the baking time is 160 ° C? Can you tell me what the baking time is in Farenheight?


  10. Hi. .dd, is almond flour the same with almond meal? Thanks in advance



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