Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicken Farm Baker's Project#12 Low Carb Dessert : Yogurt Mousse and Strawberry Jelly

For the Chicken Farm Bakers' Project of this month, we need something light, ^ ^. As the host of this month (Nok) she wants all of us to find the dessert that make us feel slim.

I have to admit that I don't know much about the low carb diet, but I try to make the dessert that use less sugar than usual.
I end up with this creation, the light dessert with a tangy taste, Yogurt mousse with strawberry jelly. The yogurt mousse, is light and tangy (well, the sugar is needed for the balance of the taste), with a vanilla fragrance, this mousse is getting along well with the strawberry jelly.

The strawberry jelly is tangy too, but with a bit of sweet, and if you love tangy taste I suggest you to double the quantity of the jelly and pour it over the mousse (my mom don't like dessert to be too tangy, so I use only one layer of the jelly).

I think this dessert will serve the purpose of this project, it's refreshing, delicious and don't make you feel heavy ^ ^.

Yogurt Mousse and Strawberry Jelly
serves 2

Strawberry jelly


Frozen strawberry





Yogurt mousse


Plain yogurt








Vanilla extract

For decoration

Fresh strawberry

Bloom the gelatin in the water (if using gelatin powder, mix the gelatin with 2 tbsp of water).
Put the strawberry in the food processor and process until smooth, pour the sugar into the strawberry and process again.
Pour the mixture into small sauce pan, set over low heat. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolve but not boil.
Take the pan out of the heat, then add the gelatin, stir until smooth. Let the jelly cool to room temperature.

Bloom the gelatin in the water (if using gelatin powder, mix the gelatin with 2 tbsp of water).
Put the milk in the microwave safe measuring cup, then heat in the microwave about 1-1.30 minutes until heat through.
Put the gelatin into the milk and stir to dissolve, then add the vanilla extract.
Let the milk cool completely.
When the milk cool, pour the yogurt into the bowl.
Pour the milk bit by bit into the yogurt, until mix through.

Pour 1 tbsp of the yogurt mousse into the glass, cool in the refrigerator until set then decorate with the strawberry. Put more mousse over the strawberry, and refrigerate until lightly set (15-20 minutes)then pour the strawberry jelly over. Refrigerate again and top with the mousse.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Note: if you make double quantity of the strawberry jelly pour the rest of the jelly over the mousse.

Chicken Farm Baker's Project#12 Low Carb Dessert:

Yogurt Mousse and Strawberry Jelly


  1. i just stumbled upon your blog and you do a wonderful job! your yogurt mousse and strawberry jelly looks so refreshing!

  2. "Ngon qua", that is Vietnamese language to express your verryyyy delicious mousse. Today I will try your receipt

  3. Wow this looks really divine! It looks like it would be really light and savory and just all around delicious! You are a really inspiring chef you know!

    I did something similar to this once with different colored gelatins in rainbow form topped with citrusy for my tea party, but I like this idea much much better! I will have to try this out right away and hopefully your dish will make a splash at the party this Sunday! Thanks so much ♥



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