Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Corn Bread: Rolled corn bread

I love to eat sweet corn, in Thailand they are boiled whole and dip in the salted water. The fresher the sweeter. But when they are unavailable, the frozen or the caned one will do, ^ ^.

This bread is very soft, and very fragrance, because the dough using 2 yolks than whole egg. The sweetness of the corn is great when combines with the soft and sweet bread.

The recipe comes from ...............I love this book now, haha. There are many sections of this book that is very interesting, like simple bread and variation, easy to make, French toasted, sandwich, quick bread and many kind of bread recipes. I will show inside of the book next time, ^_^.

Anyway, I think this bread is very easy to make and anyone who love eating corn will love it as I do.

Sweet Corn Bread: Rolled corn bread
Makes 8 (8cm ramekins)

150g (net weight)
Caned sweet corn


Bread flour
Instant yeast
Sea salt
100 ml
Egg yolks
Unsalted butter

Egg wash
Egg yolk + 1tbsp water (mix together)

Put the flour, the sugar and yeast in a bowl, whisk to combine, add and salt whisk again. Pour the liquids mixture into the bowl.

Use large spoon (or pastry scraper) to mix everything together, and knead briefly to bring all the ingredients together.

Take the dough out of the bowl and knead, you will see the dough will be elastic after about 2 minutes.

Add the butter and knead by using the heel of your hands to compress and push the dough away from you, then fold it back over itself (see the picture here). Give the dough a little turn and repeat. Put the weight of your body into the motion and get into a rhythm. Keep folding over and compressing the dough.

Knead for 10-15 minutes (up to your strength and up to the recipe) or until the dough is soft, pliable, smooth and slightly shiny, almost satiny.

Put the dough into a light buttered bowl. Let the dough rise in a warm place until double in size about 1 hour.

Brush 8 ramekins well with butter.
Roll the dough into 20x30 cm square.
Spread the corn over the dough, then roll into the cylinder.

Cut into 8 pieces and place into the prepared ramekins.
Let the dough rise until almost double in size.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

When the dough is ready, brush with egg wash, then put the dough into the oven.
Bake for 15 minutes, or until the dough is golden.
Let the bread cool on the wire rack.

Sweet Corn Bread: Rolled corn bread


  1. Hi Pook,
    Thanks for this wonderful rolled corn bread. My Piggies love eating buns thus this is a good one which I would like to try out.

    Thanks once again. You have a beautiful blog and I come here for my daily dose of daily delicious:)))


  2. Hi Pook,
    I love to visit your blog because you have very nice pictures and I particularly like the step-by-steps instruction with pictures, very handy to a novice baker like me. Can I check what type of milk should I use for this recipe? I would like to try it out. Thanks.


  3. Hi, KY
    I use whole milk for this bread.

  4. Hi Pook,
    I've tried making this bread. The texture is very soft, very yummy. My family loves it. Thanks for the recipe.

    However, I was not successfull in making the rolls like yours. How did you make such nice rolls? Mine turned out like buns instead. Also, do you use corn kernel or corn cream? How can I make the rolls more fragrant, i.e. to have the stronger corn smell and taste?


  5. Hi, KY
    Your bread flour might need less water than mine (the flour is different from brand to brand).
    You can use less water by taking out 1-2 tbsp of the water.
    I use corn kernel, and if you want more corn flavor you can use water that you get from draining the corn. But you have to taste the water, if it's salty you have to reduce the salt from the original recipe.

  6. Thanks Pook for your kind reply.




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