Friday, September 12, 2008

Cheese and Salami Twists

by 門間 みか ( Mika Monma)

I really like the book from Mikasan and I just bought her second book (I wrote about her first book here). I can see that she add many interesting recipes, how to shape the bread in many style, and the photographs are much more beautiful.

Her recipes seen to be more complicate but it's not the truth, because most of them still base on the same two basic recipe the rich and lean types bread (looks like they are her tread mark, anyway I love it). But don't think that will be boring to see or use the same recipe again because there are more recipes like Bagel (plus variations), plain sandwich bread (4 of it!), butter roll, French bread (with variation too), Chinese steam buns and croissant.

All of the recipes come with clear photo illustration (as always in Japaneses cookbooks), I love the section of her magnet that make from the dough too, it's so cute and it comes with a clear drawing illustration, I will make them some day.

Actually I feel like her book is growing up from the book that don't require any special skill into a book for the people who really want to make something special at home, which is not just a bread. But the bread that looks and taste great, too. It's a great book for anyone who love baking bread at home, because you won't get only the recipe but you will get the inspiration to create different kinds of bread, too.

Cheese And Salami Twists
Makes 6

200 g
Bread Flour
3 g
Instant dried yeast
20 g
3 g
20 g
Unsalted butter (soft)
140 g
whole milk
40 g
Salami cut into small pieces
40 g
Mozzarella cheese, shredded


Put the flour, the sugar and yeast in a bowl, whisk to combine, add and salt whisk again. Pour the milk into the bowl.

Use large spoon (or pastry scraper) to mix everything together, and knead briefly to bring all the ingredients together.

Take the dough out of the bowl and knead, you will see the dough will be elastic after about 2 minutes.

Add the butter and knead by using the heel of your hands to compress and push the dough away from you, then fold it back over itself. Give the dough a little turn and repeat. Put the weight of your body into the motion and get into a rhythm. Keep folding over and compressing the dough. Knead for 10-15 minutes or until the dough is soft, pliable, smooth and slightly shiny, almost satiny.

Or you can also try stretching part of the dough, if it can stretch into a thin sheet without breaking, you've kneaded enough.

Put the dough into a light buttered bowl. Let the dough rise in a warm place until double in size (can be 1 hour or 1 hour and a half check often depend on the temperature).
Take the dough out of the bowl, deflate by touch it lightly.

Roll the dough into rectangular, 30 cmx25 cm. Sprinkle the salami and cheese on top of the half part of it, and fold the other part over the salami and cheese.
Seal the side of the dough and push the rolling pin over (not to roll but the make the salami and cheese stick to the dough).

Cut the dough into 6 pieces (using ruler to guide you ).

Cut the piece in the middle and fold one of the end into the middle of the cut, do it 2 times to form a twist.

Place the dough on the oven sheet, lined with non stick baking paper (the cheese will melt while baking and some will leak).

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Let the dough rise until almost double in size, (about 30 minutes).
Before put them in the oven, squeezes the mayonnaise over the bread.

Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the breads are golden brown.

Cheese and Salami Twists


  1. wow, your arms must be very strong. I find it though kneading with hand, so I cheated, used a mixer fitted with a dough hook !

  2. This book Bakery Diary by Mika Monma that you bought, is there any english translation in the book coz I can't read Japanese? I hope to get this book when I next go to the city book shop.

    I have been looking for japanese baking site but if they have english translated books I would like to buy and add to my collection of recipes book :)

  3. Hi ganache-ganache
    I think knead by hand is fun.But, sometime I cheat too, ^ ^.
    Hi, Elinuv.
    So, sorry that this book is in Japanese only.

  4. This recipe is simply too good to be true. I tried it last nite (sorry I just came across your website couple of weeks ago), so far, everyone loves the twist and commented that the bread texture is soft and very good. Thank you for taking the time to share your recipes. I will be trying other bread recipes soon and let you know of my resutls. Thanks again.

  5. Hi, Kathleen
    I'm so glad that you love it!

  6. Hi,

    I just tried your recipe. Turned out good and my children loved it! Have to do some more tonight so that I can pack in their lunch boxes for tomorrow. Will be trying some more of your recipes.

  7. Hi, Bestnewandpreloved
    I'm really happy that you love it ^ ^

  8. Wow, your twist bread looks so professional! So neatly done! Yum!

  9. I made this bread today, my family loves it.. it's bread so soft and taste yummy.. thanks for share the recipe.. ;)

  10. I made this bread today, my families loves it,the bread so soft and taste yummy, thanks for share the recipe.. ;)

  11. Thanks for sharing such a nice receipe, my kid like it.

  12. Hi can i use a breadmaker to make and prove the sough?if yes what is the order of ingredients that goes in?

  13. Yes, you can use the bread machine, when I use mine I put all the ingredients in the machine at the start ^^, but you might need 1-2tbsp of milk more then the original recipe because the dough will be drier from the warmth of the machine.



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