Sunday, March 2, 2008

All-Butter Puff Pastry

It’s not usual for people to make their own puff pastry, buying is easier. But if you like to be in the kitchen, why don’t you make something you will love (I hope you will like this puff pastry as I do, the all-butter means there won’t be some unpleasant feeling left in your mouth, and the flakiness is very much, I made a sausage roll from this recipe and after refrigerating the roll still crisp and delicious). Many of my friends want this recipe, but I didn’t have a chance to make it until today. Making your own puff pastry is not hard but it takes time. You need about 4 hours to make it, so plan to make it when you don’t have another thing to do. I got this recipe from ........................ (.............. again, if you can buy only one book about pastry making, this is the one, I love it and it’s covered with flour and batter until I decide to copy the page and stick it in the notebook, so the book will be in better condition - you can see it in the photo). There is only key to making good puff pastry, DON’T RUSH. I made a lot of mistakes before but rushing is the worst, because your dough needs time to relax and the butter has to stay cold to prevent leakage, so 30 minutes between each turn is not too long, believe me.
All-Butter Puff Pastry
Yield: 1 kg 250g
Butter Block
510 g
Unsalted butter
Pinch of salt
10 ml
130 g
Bread flour
10 g
240 ml
55 g
Unsalted butter (cold)
15 ml
Lemon juice
100 g
Cake flour
310 g
Bread flour

1. Work the cold butter into the proper consistency with the warmth of your hand. Dissolve the salt in the lemon juice. Mix the butter together with the bread flour.
2. Shape into a 15cm square and refrigerate until firm.
Note: The butter block should not be so soft that it is hard to handle; you should be able to transfer the finished block easily from one hand to the other. It should not be so firm that it cracks or breaks if you press on it. Ideally, the dough and the butter block should have the same consistency.


1. Sift both flours together onto your work surface. Cut the firm butter into chunks, place it on top of the flour, and, using your fingertips, cut it into the flour, pinching it down until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
2. Shape into a mound, make a well in the center, and add the salt, lemon juice, and most of the cold water to the well. Stir to dissolve the salt. Gradually mix the flour and butter into the water, using the fingers of both hands. If necessary, gradually add more water to form a dough that holds together but is fairly sticky and rough looking.

3. Form the dough into a ball, kneading it as little as possible. Flatten the dough a little and cut a cross halfway into the ball. Cover and let rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
l. Pull the corners of the cuts out to make the dough square-shaped.

2. Roll the opened dough out to a square slightly thicker in the center than on the sides and slightly larger than the butter block.
3. Place the butter block diagonally within the square so there are 4 triangles around the sides. Fold the dough triangles in so they meet in the center. Pinch the edges together to seal in the butter block.

4. Start by pressing down the dough with the rolling pin before rolling the dough into a rectangle 1.2 cm thick (-this is my method to prevent the leakage of the butter). Do not roll the dough wider than a sheet pan is long.

5. Give the dough the first single turns by folding the bottom third of the rectangle up toward the center, carefully aligning the edges. Brush off any flour. Fold the top third down to make a neat square and brush off any flour.

6. Give the dough another 4 single turns, refrigerating it for approximately 30 minutes between each turn. Be sure the dough is well covered at all times.

7. After the last turn, roll the puff pastry out to approximately ⅛ inch (2 mm) thick. If this is difficult to do, refrigerate the dough for a few minutes to relax the gluten. Place the dough on a sheet pan lined with baking paper, cover, and refrigerate or freeze. Remember that you should not keep puff pastry dough in the refrigerator for more than 5 days.


  1. Dear Pook,
    Can i make 1/2 recipe of this puff pastry?
    And can i work in glass working table?

  2. Yes you can make only half of the recipe ^^, glass table will be fine.

  3. Yes you can make only half of the recipe ^^, glass table will be fine.



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