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Travel with dailydelicious, Historical EATING (and something else) : Kyoto 2018 part 1

Why do I love traveling ? Actually, there are many, many reasons, but the first one that came to my mind is there are many things that you have to see, feel and taste by yourself, no one can show you, picture or book is not enough.
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Last October, I went to Japan again (well, my sister and my niece love Japan ^^). This time we had a plan that we wanted to eat at restaurants that live for more than 100 years old, and it did not surprise me to find that there are a lot of them.

We found best deal for the ticket, so we flew with Malaysia Airline not Thai Airway as usual.

The flight delayed (about 1 hour) because of bad weather, so instead of having 2 hours at the Kaula lamper we only had 40 minutes left.
As we flew in business class, we could use the golden lounge at the airport. We went there for refreshing, but it's not a good decision, haha.
It's quite far from gate, after we finished we had to run to the gate, and it's a starting part of the trip that I won't forget, because I fell down and broke my camera filter!!!! Not that I wanted to show off, but you know that I love my camera so I bought the best filter (equal expensive) that I could pay for. The moment that I stood up and looked at my camera, I really wanted to cry.

But all I could do was calming my niece, because she was so frightened when she saw I fell down,  I had not time to cry, haha.
Luckily that we could make it to the plane, and now we're ready to go to Japan.

Our first destination was Kyoto, so we landed at Kansai airport at  05.40 AM.
Immigration process was so quick, after we got our luggage it's only 6.50 AM. and now I was hungry. Most of the shop were still close, but Lawson was there, and I's ready for the famous Premium roll cake (プレミアム ロールケーキ )Soft roll with load of whipped cream, it's very delicious.

When air port bus office ticket opened, we bought the ticket for Kyoto, it took about 1.30 hours from here.

After a short walk from the Kyoto station, we arrived at the hotel,
22 PIECES  Japan, 〒601-8001 Kyōto-fu, 京都市南区 Minami-ku, Higashikujō Muromachi, 東九条室町9-4

This small hotel was new, each room had small pantry (kitchen), that you can really cook!
Plus you can borrow the items that they display at the front to use while you stay here.

We booked here for 3 nights, we stayed at studio with living area room for 2 nights, and studio with loft beds for 1 night.

The room were huge (compared with our last time in Kyoto at Sakura terrace), and the kitchen was fully equipped.

You can buy ingredients and cook here.

Or just buy ready cook meal to eat.

Anyway, due to our crazy schedule, we didn't have a chance to do anything like that, haha.

Maybe, we can use it next time that we come to Kyoto ^^.

If you go to Kyoto with family and friend, and want to stay near Kyoto station, this place is highly recommenced.

And now, our journey began, well, my first mission was to buy new filter for my camera -*- so we walked from the hotel to Big Camera Kyoto station.
But as we walked there my sister realised that we just passed Kurasu Kyoto 
552 Higashiaburanokōjichō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8235, Japan
+81 75-744-0804

So, I didn't be hesitated, and to tell you the truth I really needed good coffee right now.

You can buy good design coffee equipments from this shop (you can buy it on line too, they send worldwide).

Delicious gently taste coffee ^^, and great staff.

Yes, I's ready for paying for my new filter, haha.

Not only lens filter, that I got from Big camera, I bought myself New Nintendo switch too, well, if you love to play game, it's much cheaper here.

The first lunch of our trip, to fit our theme ^^, we went to 京都和久傳  (Wakyuden)
〒600-8555 京都府京都市下京区東塩小路町 烏丸通塩小路下ル東塩小路町ジェイアール京都伊勢丹 11F +81 75-365-1000

The history of this restaurant was starting at 1872, there are 3 branches that you can choose from.

For Isetan branch, this place serve authentic local Kyoto cuisine style, Kaiseki in less formal style (and not too expensive). You can choose lunch set that filled with seasonal ingredients.

The only problem here was, if you don't understand Japanese, it's not easy to communicate with the staff.

Each set had 5 dishes (plus dessert).
Because the staff was afraid to speak to me in English (the one who took us to the table knew that I can speak Japanese), our lunch set was mixed, haha.

But I thought it's not a big problem, as three of us love to try each other's food too.

The food was delicious, it's different from Japanese food that we're familiar with. It's less salty with more complex flavour, I love it. But it's really depend on your taste as some people might say that it's too bland.

We finished our first lunch with happiness ^^, and it's time for sight seeing.

We walked to Higashihonganji Temple it's not far from Kyoto station,
東本願寺 Japan, 〒600-8505 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Tokiwachō, 七条上る常葉町754 Karasuma Dori

Our main mission was to take photo, and we're so lucky that the weather was good, with lovely blue sky.

Inside of the Goeidō Hall was very beautiful too, but we couldn't take a photo, so if you wan to see, please go to Kyoto by yourself, hehe.

Kyoto tower: View from Higashihonganji Temple.

After taking a lot of photo ^^ (I didn't post all of them here as you will be bored haha).
We're ready for afternoon sweet.

From the first time that I went to Kyoto, I really wanted to go to Patisserie S (パティスリー・エス)
Japan, 〒600-8425 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Hanjōchō, 高辻通室町西入繁昌町300-1 カノン室町四条1F +81 75-361-5521

But there were a lot of places that I want to go, I never reached this place -*-.

So, this time, I chose to go there at the first day, to full fill my mission!!!!

And I have to say that this bakery is one of the best (for me).

There were a lot of sweet to choose from, the interior was beautiful and relaxing, and the staff were helpful.

The cakes were very, very delicious.

The variation of flavour was the best part for this place, chocolate, berry, caramel, and etc.

You can sit here and relaxing ^^.

From this trip, I put Patisserie S (パティスリー・エス) for the yummiest pastry!
Because all the things that we ate at the shop were delicious, plus bake goods that we bought to eat at the hotel were beyond our expectation! Marron pie with very flakey crust, rich and fragrance Madeleine and flavour packed canele all of them were great.

But our eating stilling going on, haha. Because there was another cafe that I wanted to stop by.
The name of the cafe was: HIBI COFFEE
Japan, 〒600-8146 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, 
+81 75-276-3526 

This place was famous for not only a cup of coffee but curry rice too.

But as we had our plan for dinner, so we just came here for good coffee.

As we walked quite far from Patisserie S, right now I couldn't drink hot late (-*-)

I asked the master for delicious not too bitter coffee (I needed something to refresh myself), he was very nice ^^, and this one is an iced coffee that he drip for me.
One of the thing that I love is the drawing on the cup is the face of the master, hehe.

Before dinner time, my sister wanted to go for shopping, and our destination was Kyoto station. You can spend all day shopping here as there are load of shops and department stores inside the building.
But for me, it's time to take a rest, just sitting down and watching my sister tried clothes.

Our dinner was at 楽坐 京都本店 
690-2 Higashishiokōjichō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8216, Japan
+81 75-341-0066

This Izakaya was near Kyoto station, they serves food that uses Kyoto seasonal ingredients.

With lively atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious food and liquor, today was another great day for me.

We ate many dishes that recommended by the staff.

But the one that I think you must try is horse meat sashimi, this was my first time for it, but it's very very good. With a glass of Lemon sour on my hand, I was very happy.

We were more than full, haha. But I had a feeling that it's a great start for our trip.

Walking back to the hotel, Kyoto tower was lit, it's time for saying good night, tomorrow we still had many thing to do, see and eat. The history was just begin!

Travel with dailydelicious, Historical EATING (and something else)  : 
Kyoto 2018 part 1

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