Friday, November 19, 2010

How to make Crème Fraîche

Because I use a lot of Crème Fraîche in my blog, ^^, so I think it's good to show you how to make it properly, haha. Crème Fraîche is French sour cream, that's thick, rich and it can be whipped as whipping cream. I love to add it into almost any recipe instead of sour cream, well don't ask me about the calories as long as it's delicious.
You can easily make it at home, and after a time or two, you will be like me, always have it in the fridge,^^.

1 cup ................................ Whipping cream
1tbsp ............................... Plain yogurt

Prepare the Crème Fraîche by mix 1 cup of whipping with 1 tbsp of the yogurt, cover and let it sit on your counter (or any place that is not hot), for overnight, then refrigerate for 1 day before using.

You will get the thick and a little tangy cream. 
Can be keep for 2 weeks in the fridge.


  1. Can this be frozen? MH

  2. No, I think you have to treat it like a fresh whipping cream, never freeze it!

  3. Hi Pook, like very much ur blog.....just ask can I use this creme fraiche also for cooking ? or this is just only for baking ?
    Thank u, look forward from you.

  4. Yes, you can Rita ^^, it like a yogurt but creamier.

  5. Hi Pook, wanted to try this but worry that if cream leave it at room temperature overnight, is it safe? As cream is dairy product it can be contaminated easily if leave outside for too long. Seen you have done it many time may be you can help to solve my worry.
    Thank you very much.


  6. Hi, Jas
    It likes when you making yogurt, you have to place it in room temperature to let the bacteria start working, so don't worry. ^^

  7. if i dont refrigerate it would it come out the same or would it just be unusable? Ps. I love ur blog!^-^

  8. After it becomes thick, you should refrigerate it ^^ otherwise it will be spoiled.

  9. Hi, for the whipping cream, let's say I use heavy cream, do i have to whip it first? thanks (:

  10. No, you don't have to whip it, just use mix it together with the yogurt.

  11. Hi,
    Chanced upon your lovely blog, and enjoying it very much!
    Could I please check if thickened cream can be used instead?
    Thank you!


  12. I think that if the fat contain of the cream is enough, (about 35%up), you can you it ^^.

  13. Hi

    Our whipping cream comes in 200ml, do I have to reduce the yogurt amount??
    How to replace this with recipe that call for yogurt or whipping cream?


  14. HI, Fiona
    You will have to reduce the yogurt into 2tsp instead.
    For replacing the recipe, this one can be used as sour cream.

  15. Hi!

    I'm sorry to say to you that real crème fraîche can't be make!!!! I'am French, so I know what I'm talking about, there is no recipe for crème fraîche, it is a product as milk or butter!

  16. Hi, Nana
    Thank you for your information ^^.

  17. Hi dailydelicious
    just to check if I want to produce a more moist cake can I replace 65g butter to vegetable oil instead?

    May I know what is the texture of this cake? Is is airy and fluffy or moisture texture?

    Thanks alot in advance for the recipe and the informative step by step procedure.

  18. Hi Cel
    Please tell me the name of recipe , ^^



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