Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daily muffin & Decoration cup cake

This is the book that devoted to cupcake and decoration, plus it will give you imagination. デイリーマフィン&おめかしカップケーキ (Daily muffin & Decoration cup cake) by Kaori Ishibashi

Decoration suggestions

The book divided into two sections, muffin recipes (the cupcake recipes) and decoration part. The muffin recipe part is filled with a lot of recipe, its variation (about 12 main recipes + 24 variations) and basic decoration suggestions. The quantity of the recipe is quite small, only 6 cupcake, so it’s good for small family and the person who love to try something new.

Basic recipes and variations

The basic recipe is not basic as it sounds, white chocolate, green tea, caramel, and etc. with the variation like cornmeal muffin with blue cheese, milk chocolate with sesame seed and much more, I think it just the beginning, because I can think about more variation of this recipe.

Many varieties

For the decoration part, it filled with butter cream recipe (Italian meringue and custard), ganache, cream cheese frosting, caramel cream and etc. with the combination suggestion, like banana muffin with caramel butter cream, pumpkin muffin with custard butter cream or plain muffin with chocolate ganache plus decoration (like nut, sugared flower, or crumble). But this is not a book with serious decoration pattern, it’s easy to follow and need no decoration experience.

Decoration part

As I say that this small book will give you an imagination, because from the suggestion in the book you will see a lot of possibility, you can make your own combination, mix and match to suite your own taste. So, you can turn your cup cake into a lovely one with an ease and I forgot to tell you that the photographs are lovely too.

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  1. WOW this book looks wonderful!! I wish I can understand more Japanese so I can read these recipes too!! I love green tea... in a cup cake?? I want to try all these variations you mentioned...=)



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