Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eating with dailydelicious: Arno's Butcher and Eatery

I had a chance to dinner at Arno's Butcher and Eatery last Monday, well if you know this restaurant you might be surprised, because they close on Monday.

But it's a special occasion, that Singha Park held an Exclusive dinner for blogger and Influencers to dine with Mr. Banjerd Lekkong. Thai metal sculpture art, who will hold SOLO EXHIBITION at Agora Gallery New York (between May 20 - June 9, 2016).

You can read more about his work and his Exhibition here.
With helps and fund from  Singha Park Chaing rai, His sculptures  will make the world amazed. 
You can learn more about  BANJERD LEKKONG .

Anyway, I think we need to eat now,  haha.

This restaurant specialised in dry aged beef . The chef is Mr. Arnaud Carre, he has 45 years experience of cutting and dressing meat. 
Due to the popularity, you have to make a reservation if you want to dine here ^^. The restaurant located at Soi Narathiwas 20, and parking is available. 
See more about the restaurant here

You can choose an open aired or air conditioned dining room. 

Are you ready to eat?

There are salt, pepper and Tabasco but you can order different kinds of sauce if you want. 

You need to choose the meat by yourself at this room.

There are a lot of meat to choose from, different cuts and aged (at least 45 days to 100 days).

For those who do not eat beef, you can enjoy varieties like pork ribs, racks of lamb, fresh river prawns, Imported lobsters, salmon, tuna, and etc.
And a lot of side dishes that will make you happy too.

I chose Arno's Super selection Dry Age Prime Rib, actually because the chef said that this one is the best, hehe. 

The chef looked a me and asked "Can you finish it?", well I really think I can ^^.

But after seeing this, I thought I needed some help, haha, luckily my friend said that he's happy to share it with me, so we decided to order more. 

While waiting, we came back to the table and eating French fries while they grilled our meat.

This one is Arno's Mixed Salad.

Follow by Lobster Fettuchini (990 baht) 

Spinach with cheese (150 baht) 

 River Prawn Fettucini (390 baht) 

Clams with garlic butter

Rib eye steak, it cooked perfectly ( I like medium rare).
I love the taste of dry aged beef, but if you love Japanese style, you may think it's too chewy. 

Finally it's "Prime rib 100 days".
The taste of the beef is so intenes, if you want you can order Pepper sauce, Truffle sauce, Mushroom sauce or Thai sauce. But I think they season it just right, and adding sauce is not my choice.
In my opinion, I like this restaurant, and I will go again if I have a chance, ^^, but I have to bring meat lover friends with me, haha.

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