Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not food-related but life-related

I can't stop myself, every times that I see very little creature ^^, my hands reach for my camera automatically.

Well, I wish that life will be slower, and I have a chance to pay attention to all little things around me. 
Lately, if I have a little time, I pick my camera up and step out in my sister's tiny garden, I found that there are many small little creatures that live their peaceful life there. 
^^ I hope that everyone will agree with me, take a chance to look around slowly, you might see something you never saw before.


Priya said...

Stunning clicks, lovely..

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Pook. The little creatures look very lifelike and cute
May I ask what camera are you using?

dailydelicious said...

Hi, Angela
I use Cannon EOS 500D.^^

MyRecessionKitchen said...

Wonderful post! I do that all the time in my garden, stop and sit and look, you can find all kinds of interesting creatures.


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